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A Reliable AC Unit Helps With More Than Just Cooling The Air

February 20, 2019

We all love walking into our crisp and fresh homes after a day in the South Florida humidity. The welcoming contrast between the muggy outside and the cool house is a big reason behind having an AC unit. Your reliable AC unit does a lot more for you than just cooling the air, however. There … Continued

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To A Newer AC System

February 13, 2019

Do you think it’s time to upgrade to a newer AC system? So one of our Engineered Air clients asked last week, when booking a service call. Like all of us here in South Florida they run the AC a lot, usually every day. The problem was they weren’t getting that cold, crisp air feeling … Continued

Understanding How Winter Storms Hurt Your AC

February 6, 2019

Here in South Florida we get our share of winter storms. The storms may blow over quickly but they can hurt you AC. If you are without the AC due to storm damage, you will feel it indoors, until the technician calls to repair it. You know how hot it can get around here even … Continued

5 Ways Humidity Wreaks Havoc On AC Units

January 30, 2019

Oh! The humidity. How often do we hear this in South Florida? High humidity is part of our lives, like our glorious blue skies and always sunny days. The humidity is why we have our AC units. Who among us doesn’t love walking into the crisp, fresh air of home after a day at work? … Continued

How To Prepare A Spot For Your New AC Unit

January 23, 2019

There is no doubting we need our AC here in South Florida. Finding the right spot is key to getting the most from a new AC unit. Preparing that spot means the job will go quickly and smoothly, as the technician can get to work immediately. Recently a client of Engineered Air, while ordering a … Continued

Costly AC Care Mistakes That Lead To Service Calls

January 16, 2019

At Engineered Air we get a lot of service calls. Some are for emergencies; others are routine. More often the technician recognizes that poor care of the AC unit is causing long term damage. In the business we call this a ‘costly AC care mistake.’ Most costly care mistakes are avoidable. Engineered Air technicians give … Continued

When Is The Best Time To Have Your AC Unit Checked?

January 9, 2019

Today may be the answer to this one if you haven’t checked your AC in the last year.  At Engineered Air we believe firmly in the annual maintenance and always ask clients to schedule a visit from one of our technicians. When is the best time though? When would you get the most from an … Continued

What’s The Optimal Temperature To Make Your AC Last Longer?

January 2, 2019

In South Florida we run our AC a lot. How you do so is key to making your AC last longer. ‘What’s the best setting?’ ‘Any way to make the AC last longer?’ are a couple of the questions we get a lot at Engineered Air. Some customers want to the house to be like … Continued

7 Signs It’s Time To Replace Versus Repair Your Air Conditioning System

December 26, 2018

At Engineered Air we get a lot of clients calling with AC problems. ‘It’s too hot’, ‘why can’t I adjust the temperature?’, and ‘the AC is making a funny noise’ are a few of the common ones. Usually our technicians can fix the fault on a scheduled callout. There are times when the technician knows … Continued

Issues Your AC Unit Might Have After A Flood

December 19, 2018

At Engineered Air we get a lot of calls from clients in trouble. Recently a client over in Palm Beach County called after burst pipes flooded their apartment. The client was upset, as you can imagine, asking questions such as ‘What to do with the AC unit?’ ‘Will it be okay?’ ‘Can you help?’ We … Continued

How To Tell If Your AC Unit Has A Refrigerant Leak

December 12, 2018

On a hot and humid South Florida day, we got a call from a customer. Their AC was acting up. The family hadn’t slept much the night before, and you could hear the tiredness in the caller’s voice. While booking a service call, our team asked a few questions to get a better idea of what … Continued

What Do Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Entail And How Often Should You Do Them?

December 5, 2018

We need our air conditioning in South Florida. Those hot days of summer are matched by the muggy nights. Even in winter many of us keep the AC running, but hey, who’s complaining? It’s why we live here after all. Who doesn’t love those dry, hot days that have the rest of the east coast … Continued

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D. Hummel

The technicians are on time and personable. They have always laid out all of my options for me and have never tried to force me into something I wasn’t sure of – for example purchasing a new system. Even my old broken-down piece of garbage was able to be serviced by them back into functioning. I was able to get an appointment quickly and they were able to work with me to get the service done in a timely fashion.

L. Popkin

Twice we needed a split unit air conditioner replaced, and twice these guys were really terrific. I never look for the lowest price, but I have a sense of what is a fair price, and the price they gave me was better than fair. The salesman was terrifically honest, and when I asked him if he would recommend any additional work, he said no. The installers were terrific.

I. Fuentes

Great service!! I had 2 techs come out on different times both told me the same thing. They did not try to sell me any extra services or a new unit. They both went beyond what I expected. They also educated me on a few things Which i found to be true through my own research. Really glad I found them and their prices are very reasonable.

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