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What’s The Optimal Temperature To Make Your AC Last Longer?

What’s The Optimal Temperature To Make Your AC Last Longer?

In South Florida we run our AC a lot. How you do so is key to making your AC last longer.

‘What’s the best setting?’ ‘Any way to make the AC last longer?’ are a couple of the questions we get a lot at Engineered Air. Some customers want to the house to be like an icebox when they walk in, while others like the air to be fresh but not too cold. It all depends really on what you are comfortable with in your home.

There is another setting of the thermostat, one that will save you money and one which will extend the life of your machine. Not everyone is aware of this golden setting.

The guidelines on finding the optimal temperature to make your AC last longer would include:

  • Knowing how the AC works
  • Optimal temperature when you are at home
  • The best temperature when you are out
  • The nighttime setting may differ
  • Other tips for saving on AC costs

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Knowing how the AC works

It surprises us how many customers don’t know how the AC works in their home. Not that you need to know too much, but a bit of background always helps.

Your body loses heat through sweating. The moisture from perspiration evaporates off your body when the air is dry. Running the AC at the coldest setting won’t necessarily help you to keep fresh. What is important is taking the humidity out of the air, thus allowing you to sweat and to stay fresh.

Finding that right point, the optimal temperature in your home for keeping the air dry, is crucial. In South Florida, where we get high humidity, and sticky, muggy summer days we need to run the AC always.

Doing so efficiently is very important to saving you money.

Optimal temperature when you are at home

When you are at home is when you need the AC most. This may sound obvious, but often people waste money by not adjusting the air conditioning.

Studies show that the optimal temperature to run your AC unit, when you are at home is 78F. The most recent study, a joint one between the Dept of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency confirms this view.

Running the AC at 78F will prolong the life of your unit and save you money on energy bills too.

The best temperature when you are out

There is no point in running the AC at such a low setting as 78F when you are not at home. Nobody will benefit, and you will only push up your energy costs.

The joint study by the DOE and the EPA recommends running the AC at 85F when you are out or when you are on vacation. Program the thermostat to run at the higher setting during the day and turn to the 78F one about an hour before you come home.

It will not take to much for the AC unit to bridge the gap between the two settings, and you will walk into crisp, fresh, dry air after a long day at work.

If you do not have a programmable thermostat ask our technicians about investing in one. It will save you money and give you more control over the AC.

The nighttime temperature setting may differ

We tend to move less at night. Our core body temperature drops, and we lose a lot of heat through our hands and feet. You need the AC to run less when asleep

The recommended temperature setting for the nighttime running of the AC is around 82F. Down here we get hot, muggy nights, where humidity is a big problem. You may need to change the temperature settings accordingly.

If you have difficulty sleeping at night it may be due to the setting of the AC. Experiment a little and find the one which suits you and the family best.

Other tips for saving on AC costs

Running your AC unit at the optimal temperature setting will save money on your energy bills and make the system last longer.

Adjust the settings gradually, a degree at a time and see how that feels, rather than making big changes in one go.

Place the thermostat away from heat-causing units such as cookers and fridges. This will allow the AC to run at the correct temperature.

Maintenance is key to the efficient running of the AC.

Schedule an annual service from one of our technicians and keep ahead of any problems. Having a technician visit to give you advice on the proper running of the AC system is also a good idea.

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