At Engineered Air we get a lot of clients calling with AC problems. ‘It’s too hot’, ‘why can’t I adjust the temperature?’, and ‘the AC is making a funny noise’ are a few of the common ones. Usually our technicians can fix the fault on a scheduled callout.

There are times when the technician knows a unit isbeyond repair, or at least economical repair for the customer. They will advise on a solutiion for an AC problem, after an inspection. Experience over many years of service helps them see what is best for the customer.

We asked our technicians to list some of the significant faults, the ones they know when the machine is beyond practical repair — their list made for interesting reading.

The guidelines for knowing when it’s time to replace rather than repair your air conditioning include:

  • The age of the AC unit
  • Repair is more expensive than replacing
  • You are seeing the technician too often
  • There are too many faults
  • High utility bills
  • Refrigerant leak
  • The wrong Freon

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The age of the AC unit

Was your AC in the home when you moved in? Here in South Florida every home has an AC unit, and the chances are that your one predates your arrival. The recommended age of a machine is around ten years. If your unit is pushing that or more than it, then you may need to replace.

Older units can suddenly stop working.

What we often see is that a unit is slowly malfunctioning, but the client doesn’t always spot this until it is too late. Regular maintenance can keep you on top of problems but once you reach ten years with an AC unit you should consider replacement.


Repair is more expensive than replacing

In our climate, with all those muggy nights and hot days, we use the AC a lot. All that running of the AC puts pressure on the system, and over time the unit will begin to show its age.

Our repair technicians will give a detailed account of what is wrong with your AC unit.

It may be that replacing one part gets the fresh air flowing again, but others pieces may be about to go too. Listen to what the technician advises and weigh-up if it is better to invest in the future sooner rather than later.


You are seeing the technician too often

When you are on first name terms with the technician, you know you have a problem.

The older AC units break down a lot. It is not a reflection on the quality of the unit; it is just an age problem. Bearings begin to wear, belts slip off their rollers, compressors slow down. It happens to the best of machines, regardless of how well you look after them.

There will come a time when you may need to consider replacing the unit. Ask the technician for their advice and listen to what they say.


There are too many faults

If you had a flood or an internal leak, the knock-on effects might cause many faults. We need to run our AC units daily, and you can’t keep a machine which is not reliable.

If you have an old AC unit where one part goes after the another you have a problem. Too many faults is a real sign of the need to replace.


High utility bills

An old machine may need to run more to meet the thermostat settings.

Take a look a few recent utility bills and compare them with this time last year. If the bills are significantly higher this year than last, you may have a problem.

All else being equal our South Florida weather tends to be the same year in year out; it’s why we love it here. You should not need to run the machine more this year than last.

Ask our technician for advice, but replacement may be on the cards.


Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is the chemical which does all the work. As the air flows over the coils, it cools the air and keeps your home fresh. It is dangerous to you and your family, which is why the coils are sealed.

You may not know the refrigerant is leaking, but our technician will. When they look at the unit, they can find a leak and tell you what is best to do.


The wrong refrigerant

R-22 Freon is the name of the refrigerant chemical in many AC units. The federal government is phasing out the use of R-22 Freon in AC units.

If your machine uses R-22 Freon, you will at some stage need to replace it. Even now it is becoming costly to top-up with Freon, and from January 2020 it will be illegal to produce or import the chemical.

Ask our technician for advice and on the costs of replacing the unit versus the rising costs of Freon.


Call us

If you have concerns about an AC unit, then give us a call.

Our trained technicians will give you the best of advice on what you should do.

Schedule an appointment today and keep that crisp, fresh air flowing.



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D. Hummel

The technicians are on time and personable. They have always laid out all of my options for me and have never tried to force me into something I wasn’t sure of – for example purchasing a new system. Even my old broken-down piece of garbage was able to be serviced by them back into functioning. I was able to get an appointment quickly and they were able to work with me to get the service done in a timely fashion.

L. Popkin

Twice we needed a split unit air conditioner replaced, and twice these guys were really terrific. I never look for the lowest price, but I have a sense of what is a fair price, and the price they gave me was better than fair. The salesman was terrifically honest, and when I asked him if he would recommend any additional work, he said no. The installers were terrific.

I. Fuentes

Great service!! I had 2 techs come out on different times both told me the same thing. They did not try to sell me any extra services or a new unit. They both went beyond what I expected. They also educated me on a few things Which i found to be true through my own research. Really glad I found them and their prices are very reasonable.

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