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How To Prepare A Spot For Your New AC Unit

How To Prepare A Spot For Your New AC Unit

There is no doubting we need our AC here in South Florida.

Finding the right spot is key to getting the most from a new AC unit. Preparing that spot means the job will go quickly and smoothly, as the technician can get to work immediately. Recently a client of Engineered Air, while ordering a new unit, quizzed the technician. ‘How should I prepare a spot for the new AC?’, they asked.

It’s a very good question as there are good spots to place your new AC unit, and there are bad ones.

Engineered Air technicians know all about AC installs. With this in mind we asked them for a few tips on preparing for their arrival. The answers should help you prepare a spot and make the install a lot easier for all involved.

The tips for preparing a spot for your new AC unit include:

  • Choose the right AC unit
  • Clear the work area
  • Make sure there is power nearby
  • Keep unit out of direct sunlight
  • Away from water is good
  • Level and stable ground
  • No plants nearby
  • Check local codes

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choose the right AC unit

We recommend you book a call from a technician before you order the AC unit.  In South Florida, we get a lot of heat and hot, muggy nights, so it is vital you have the right AC unit for your home. Our technicians will advise on a unit which is perfect for the space it will serve.

A quick callout in advance could save you money, and make sure you get the best from the new AC unit.

Clear the work area

Technicians like to work in a clutter-free space.

It makes their job easier, quicker and a lot less stressful. Once you have the spot chosen, clear away any debris, garbage cans, barbecues, kids toys and anything else that may bother the technician.

You may need to do more than a few adjustments, so it is better to clear the work area a few days before the scheduled appointment.

Make sure there is a power source nearby

The AC unit will need a dedicated power supply, connected to your home meter and one which is wired correctly. This may seem obvious, but many people forget about powering the unit. If you don’t have a power outlet ready for connection it may setback the install for a time.

You will be running the AC a lot, you know how it gets around South Florida, so have a suitable power outlet ready before the technician arrives.

Keep the unit out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight, especially in constantly sunny South Florida, is not good for electrical equipment. The AC unit needs to operate in the shade for optimum performance. A clutter-free nook on the north side of the home is ideal for keeping the AC out of the sunlight.

Having the AC unit running efficiently, will give that cold, crisp air you love around the home.

Away from water is good

The condenser unit is waterproof, but it is a good idea not to expose it to and unnecessary risks. Don’t install it under a water tank or where the rainwater runs off the roof. Also, think of drains which may overflow or block during a heavy rainstorm.

Rain won’t damage the unit, but a flood can have lasting effects, so keep water away as much as possible.

Level and stable ground

Pick a spot where the ground is level and stable.

Engineered Air technicians like to see a concrete platform for placing the unit, as it keeps it off the dirt. Though we tend not to get too much rain here in South Florida, a heavy shower may cause the earth below the unit to shift. Having the condenser off the ground keeps grass and other plants from growing into the base too.

Your AC unit will run better when on stable, level ground.

No plants nearby

Our technicians say that, along with no power, this one causes the most problems on an install. Plants, shrubs and trees make working on an AC unit very difficult. Often the condenser just will not fit where the customer wants it to go. Another problem is the lack of airflow, from being blocked by leaves and branches.

Always clear the space of any foliage, to get the best of clean, fresh air into your home.

Check local codes

Laws and codes differ from county to county. There are a few general rules such as keeping the unit away from electricity and gas meters. You should check in advance with your local county office for the rules and regulations around installing a new AC unit.

Prepare in advance, and the install will go smoothly.

Call us

Make the install of your new AC unit go as smoothly as possible by following all our tips.

Schedule a technician to call in advance if you are not sure of your chosen spot.

Call us today for the best of AC service to all of South Florida.







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