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Costly AC Care Mistakes That Lead To Service Calls

Costly AC Care Mistakes That Lead To Service Calls

At Engineered Air we get a lot of service calls.

Some are for emergencies; others are routine. More often the technician recognizes that poor care of the AC unit is causing long term damage. In the business we call this a ‘costly AC care mistake.’ Most costly care mistakes are avoidable.

Engineered Air technicians give full instructions on best running practice after every install. One of our policies is recommending clients schedule an annual maintenance visit from us; one where mistakes are put right early in the life of the AC.

Here in South Florida we to run the AC daily. During our hot summers the AC is on day and night.  Even in the winter we still get into the high 70s and 80s. It may be less muggy, but we love that cold, crisp air during the day.

We all make mistakes with the running of the AC, even experienced hands do. With this in mind we asked out technicians for the common, costly mistakes they see when on calls. We’ve put together a little list to help you, the client. The results may surprise, and you may even recognize yourself in one or two.

Among the costly AC care mistakes that lead to service calls are:

  • Not doing regular maintenance
  • Ignoring warning signs
  • Running the AC at the wrong settings
  • Attempting a bit of DIY
  • Getting a non-professional to do the install

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Not doing regular maintenance

Maintenance is vital to the well-being of your AC unit.

When we at Engineered Air say maintenance, we mean an annual service by a qualified technician. A technician will adjust the settings to suit your home, top-up the coolant, clean the fins and listen for telltale noises. Not doing these jobs correctly only leads to costly damage over the years.

Only someone who is fully trained to look for and fix problems should do your AC maintenance.

Ignoring warning signs

Another head-in-the-sand approach to caring for your AC unit.

We love our AC here in South Florida, the lovely warm climate means we need to keep our homes fresh and crisp. All that good service from the AC leads to wear and tear on its workings.

Ignoring the regular whirr or irregular clunk will only allow a fault to grow. Parts will break, maybe beyond repair and often what starts with a buzz, ends with the buying of a new AC unit.

Running the AC at the wrong settings

Having the AC on at the same temperature all day can overwork the system. Dropping the thermostat suddenly, to counteract a rise in temperature, puts undue pressure on the unit over time.

There is an optimal thermostat setting for daytime and nighttime. You can program the AC to come on before you come home, or at a lower temperature when needed. Running the AC at the wrong settings will have consequences.

Ask your technician for advice on the best settings to get the most from the AC.

Attempting a bit of DIY

Your AC unit is an intricate machine which should only be serviced by a qualified technician.

We regularly get calls from clients who try to fix the odd noise coming from the unit. A DIY attempt to fix can result in either breaking the part or upsetting the workings of the AC completely. We’ve had clients puncture the cooling coils when trying to clean the flaps using a screwdriver.

DIY doesn’t work with the AC.

Always call a technician to solve any running problems. You may find that the fault is not as big as it sounds. The long life of every AC unit is due to professional care from qualified technicians.

Getting a non-professional to do the install

There are reasons why companies such as Engineered Air are in business for so long. It is due to the quality of the staff, the service provided and the units installed. Your neighbor may have found a bargain somewhere, but the likelihood is that the bargain won’t last too long, especially with the demands of the South Florida climate.

You want to get the maximum life from the investment in your AC.

Only a professional, using the best of equipment can provide any payback over time. You want cold, crisp, fresh air on demand, so don’t take risks with your money when installing the AC.

Always use a professional.

Call us

At Engineered Air we look after our clients. It’s is why they stay loyal over the years.

Schedule a technician for a service call and listen to their advice.

Call Engineered Air to get the most from your AC in South Florida.


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