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Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To A Newer AC System

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To A Newer AC System

Do you think it’s time to upgrade to a newer AC system? So one of our Engineered Air clients asked last week, when booking a service call. Like all of us here in South Florida they run the AC a lot, usually every day.

The problem was they weren’t getting that cold, crisp air feeling when walking in the door of their apartment. Once you know what you should get from your AC, it’s difficult not to expect it every day. Often small signs go unnoticed until on one our muggy, humid days the AC isn’t making much of a difference.

Just what are those signs? What should you look for and what are the serious ones? Our technicians put together a list of the ‘time to upgrade signs,’ which they look for when servicing an AC system.

On the list of the signs it’s time to upgrade to a newer AC system are:

  • The AC is in its teens
  • You are calling the AC technician a lot
  • The air is rarely crisp at home
  • It’s not making friendly noises
  • Utility bills are creeping up

Let’s take a closer look at each point.


The AC is in its teens

How long have you had your AC system working for you? It may be in place since before you moved in, or it may have been one your first big buys for the new home. If your AC system is creeping towards the 13 or 14-year age bracket, then you may have a problem.

Older machines are never as efficient as newer ones. The years of service take their toll. Parts break, the fan slows down, and you don’t get the same excellent air conditioning.

A newer AC system will give you better service and may cost you less in service calls.


You are calling the AC technician a lot

Speaking of service calls.

When your AC technician is beginning to feel like one of the family you may need to consider a new AC system. Repeated call outs will cost you more money than a new AC system will, after a while.

AC systems need proper care, and DIY is not the answer to saving on call-outs to fix a problem. You will only do even more damage, which will cost you more money.

Ask our technician for advice and they will tell you what you should do.


The air is rarely crisp at home

There is nothing better on one of our South Florida scorchers than walking in to cool, crisp, welcoming home at the end of a muggy day. If you find that it is nearly cooler outside than in, then the AC is not working correctly.

Even if you adjust the settings and call a technician, you may not see much of an improvement. Unfortunately this is a real sign that the AC system is on its last legs.

Investing in a new AC system will soon have the air at home back to what it should be.


It’s not making friendly noises

Your AC system should run as close to silently as possible. There shouldn’t be any clanking, banging or hissing coming from an efficient system. Often these noises are a sign of real problems, ones that could be dangerous to your health.

Call our technicians if the noises are worrying you. They may be able to sort the problem, but often a new AC system is the only long-term solution.


Utility bills are creeping up and up

When you start to wince every time a utility bill comes in the door,  you may have a problem. If you aren’t using any more power than usual, the AC system may well the culprit.

Older AC systems can often use more electricity than newer ones. Advances in modern technology mean that new AC machines are energy savers, rather than the guzzlers they used to be. Changes in the systems also make the AC machines a lot more environmentally friendly too.

A new AC system will cut down on energy use. Your carbon footprint will also get that bit smaller. The money you invest in a new AC system will far offset the money you are now spending on those high utility bills.

Ask our technician for advice on the best unit for your home.


Call us

At Engineered Air we love to talk AC systems and to help with any problems you have with your existing one. In hot and humid South Florida you need an efficient AC working for you. Older machines do not give you the service and will cost you money over time.

Schedule a technician to give your old AC system the once-over. They will provide you with some honest advice.

Call us today for the best of AC service in South Florida.

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