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Simple AC Maintenance To Make Your System Last Longer

Simple AC Maintenance To Make Your System Last Longer

Do you want your air conditioning unit to last? Do you want it to perform year in, year out? Your answer should be yes on both counts. Some simple AC maintenance can keep the system running smoothly. At Air Engineering we get questions about maintenance and how often to do it? The answer to is at least once a year. If you are inheriting an AC system, you should do it immediately.

To maintain your AC system and make it last longer you should:

• Keep it clean
• Fix the bent fins
• Unblock the condensate drain tube
• Clean or replace the filter
• Listen to the machine
• Check the unit is sitting well
• Schedule an appointment

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Keep it clean

Dust, dirt, animal hair and even human skin, it can all end up in the AC system. A regular run over of the fins, the flaps and the machine itself with a damp cloth will keep it from blocking up. We also recommend using the vacuum, but be careful of doing any damage with the nozzle.

With the external parts you should use a fin comb to clean the unit. You can get a fin comb at most hardware stores, and they will get a lot of the old dirt out of the system.

Fix the bent fins

Bent fins on the inlet side can cause a lot of problems, not least the inefficient running of the air conditioning. Fins may bend from impact but also by the build-up of dirt clogging the grill. Take the cover off the AC machine and look at the grill, chances are you’ll see a lot of bent fins on older models.

Be careful straightening the bent fins. A broken one will cost money to replace. Use a fin comb to straighten the bent ones. A standard dinner knife will also do the job. Do not force the knife in too far, as you may do a lot of damage.

Unblock the condensate drain tube

If you are unsure where this is, you should consult the manual. If you don’t have a manual, ask one of our engineers when you schedule a maintenance call. After locating the tube continue with the cleaning schedule.

Slide the tube off the filter outlet. It may be a good idea to throw it away as it can contain a lot of bacteria. Buy a packet of slime prevention tablets from the hardware store and place one in the outlet. Fit the new, clean condensate tube, and you’re good to go. During the warm weather it is a good idea to replace the tablet about once a month.

Clean or replace the filter

The AC filter is where all the action happens. It can clog quickly and if AC  maintenance is not a regular job of yours, and it should be, then it will definitely need cleaning.

Locate the filter and remove it from the AC machine. Clean it with a vacuum and a damp cloth. If it is beyond cleaning, invest in a new one. Your machine will thank you.

Listen to the machine

Find a quiet time and run the machine. If it is making a lot of noise, then you could have a few problems on your hands. Old fans make a lot of racket, as do blocked filters and bent or broken fins. A new or recently serviced AC system will run silently, and you will have a good, equal flow of air throughout the home.

Call one of our engineers if you hear nothing but noise from your system.

Check the unit is sitting well

We often see AC machines sitting on the lawn by the back window. The owner may have bought the unit and fitted it themselves. It will sink into the grass, and this can affect how well it runs.

We recommend you stand an AC unit on a concrete platform. This will keep it steady and prevent damage during the rainy season.

Schedule an appointment

An engineer will know how the unit should run. Their expert ears and eyes will spot a problem from miles away. A regular visit from an engineer can prevent problems, solve inefficiencies and give you peace of mind coming into the hot days.

Get an AC maintenance schedule running. The investment of regular visits from one of our engineers will repay you over the many long years of quality AC service

Give us a call

We love to talk AC systems and AC maintenance.

Our engineers service all the major brands and only use top-quality parts in our repairs.

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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