How to Protect the Warranty on Your Air Conditioning System

How to Protect the Warranty on Your Air Conditioning System

A new air conditioning system is a major home investment, and all new air conditioners come with manufacturers warranties. This piece of protection won’t do you any good if you or someone else makes a mistake and the warranty is voided. Here are some ways you can protect the warranty on your new air conditioner.

Submit the Right Documentation

If you buy your air conditioner from a different company than the one that installs the system, you will likely need to submit the warranty documentation on your own. Should you avoid doing so, you won’t have a warranty and will be out quite a bit of money if the AC malfunctions. Though it’s common for companies who sell and install air conditioners to submit warranty information on behalf of their customers, ask your installer if this service is covered.

Record All Work and Maintenance

Keeping record of everything done to your air conditioning system, from the installation to any maintenance or repair, is key to making sure your warranty will be honored. If you can prove everything that was done to your system, the manufacturer can’t claim you’re at fault if the air conditioner has any defects. Records are also important to verify the age and condition of your AC if you decide to sell or rent your home.

Work With Reputable Companies

Experienced HVAC and air conditioning professionals know how to abide by manufacturer’s warranties. If you need your air conditioner serviced, inspected, or repaired, make sure you contact a trustworthy, knowledgeable HVAC company, like Engineered Air to do the job. Simple mistakes such as using the wrong replacement parts can violate the warranty and put you in a bind.

Engineered Air Will Protect Your Warranty

Engineered Air’s team of skilled professionals will inspect, maintain, and repair your air conditioner and HVAC systems without voiding your warranties. We also sell high quality, energy efficient AC systems. Contact Engineered Air to learn more about our air conditioning products and services.