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What Do Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Entail And How Often Should You Do Them?

What Do Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Entail And How Often Should You Do Them?

We need our air conditioning in South Florida.

Those hot days of summer are matched by the muggy nights. Even in winter many of us keep the AC running, but hey, who’s complaining? It’s why we live here after all. Who doesn’t love those dry, hot days that have the rest of the east coast wishing they could live down here too?

To get the best from your AC you need to schedule regular tune-ups. An air conditioner tune-up is the only way to keep the system running properly and to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. The top-down look over will save you money too.

Let’s take a closer look at what a good air conditioner tune-up entails and how often you should do one.


Making sure the AC is running efficiently

When doing an air conditioner tune-up the technician will run the unit and check how it is doing in each room.

You would be surprised how often people ignore the system settings and don’t get the best from their units. A technician will spot the inefficiencies when running the AC; they know how your AC unit should run.

The technician can also find mechanical problems just by listening. Only by having an experienced hand running the AC, will you know that you are getting the best from it.


Keeping the motor lubricated and the belt on track

Every good tune-up technician will listen out for a squeaky motor, grinding bearings and a belt which is slipping off track. At Air Engineering we train our technicians to spot problems, almost before they happen, as prevention is the best cure.

At tune-up time we always lubricate the AC motor. It will need oiling, after so much use during our muggy nights. Bearings begin to wear after a few seasons of work, and if you don’t replace and lubricate them, they will do a lot of damage.

Having a trained technician do these essential jobs is key to getting a long life from your AC unit.


Checking the filters

We run our machines a lot in South Florida. The result is plenty of cool, fresh air, which we love. The filters, however, clog with dirt taken from the incoming air. Regular cleaning of the air filters is vital to the efficient running of the AC unit. You can add years to the life of an AC unit with this one tune-up standard.

Our technicians know how to clean and change out the air filters. You will notice the difference when you run the unit after the tune-up.


Topping up the refrigerant

The refrigerant cools the air. The levels decrease gradually over time, but the more you use the AC, the faster the refrigerant goes.

A good tune-up will include a look at the refrigerant levels. No doubt, with all the use we make of the AC in South Florida, you will need a top-up.

As crucial to the top-up is the quality of the refrigerant that goes into the unit. Engineered Air technicians only use the best quality refrigerant and always check levels when doing a tune-up of your unit.


Condensate drain cleaning

The condensate drain blocks with use and bacteria builds up in the tubes.

Our technicians unblock the condensate drain and replace the tubes with clean, new ones. They will also add an anti-bacterial tablet to the drain, to kill any bacterial build-ups in the unit.

Clients love how well their AC unit runs after a condensate drain cleaning by our technicians.


Regular tune-ups are best

We recommend an air conditioner tune-up at least once a year. This isn’t to increase our business. We firmly believe that our customers should be getting the best from their AC units.

If you are running an inefficient air conditioning system, you can cost yourself a lot of money. Higher utility running costs hit your wallet. Maintenance costs will increase, and parts will begin to break regularly. You will not get the cool air you are looking for, and a dirty unit will affect your health.

An annual tune-up will spot problems, cure long-running operating errors and keep your AC unit clean and healthy.


Ask us

Schedule a tune-up call from one of our technicians today.

We help you get the best from an AC unit, and a few tweaks can make a big difference.

A maintenance agreement with us can save you a lot of money, over the life of the unit.

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