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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor in South Florida

Florida business owners understand the importance of a properly working AC unit. When trying to keep your employees happy and productive, it is crucial to provide them with a cool and comfortable working environment. Likewise, it is near impossible to please a potential customer or client when your building is unbearably hot.

With so many important decisions to make regarding your business, there is one decision we help make simple. When you choose Engineered Air to install, maintain or repair your HVAC system you choose excellence. Hiring our experienced NATE certified technicians guarantees that you will receive the best service and keep your employees and customers comfortable all year.

Need to Schedule Commercial Service?

Engineered Air offers a wide variety of HVAC services for your business or commercial property including:

  • Installing AC systems in new offices
  • Designing systems for new commercial construction
  • Repairing and servicing all models of equipment
  • Upgrading systems for increased comfort
  • Retrofit systems to increase energy efficiency

Why Choose a Company with Commercial AC Experience?

While both residential and commercial AC units create a retreat from the blistering Florida heat, they operate in very different ways. This is why it is important to hire a technician who is professionally trained and experienced with commercial air conditioning units. Here are a few of the differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems:

Larger Commercial AC Units Can Mean Larger Problems

It stands to reason that most commercial buildings are bigger than homes, and likewise most commercial AC units are bigger than residential units. While a bigger system ensures that everyone is kept at a comfortable temperature, it also means more complex problems can arise. Only technicians skilled and experienced in commercial heating and air conditioning are equipped to deal with issues stemming from these large air conditioning units.

Commercial HVAC Systems Have Multiple Thermostats

With larger spaces, it is important to install multiple thermostats to control different areas of the building. Multiple thermostat systems are designed to help save energy and money by only heating or cooling areas that are regularly used. Hiring an experienced commercial HVAC technician to install your system is important because they understand the best way to design your thermostat location to ensure maximum unit efficiency.

Larger Drainage Systems

Larger commercial AC units require more extensive and intricate drainage systems than residential units. Your AC system at home does not create much water from evaporation, so it only needs one drainage pipe to empty the drip pan.

In commercial systems, water from evaporation easily overflows a single pan. Professionals experienced in commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning know best how many drainage pipes and drip pans are needed for your business’s HVAC system.

Hire a Commercial Air Conditioning Company You Can Trust!

At Engineered Air, we believe that when your heating and air conditioning unit runs well, your business runs well. With over 40 years of experience serving businesses in South Florida, we have the experience needed to meet your commercial AC needs. Contact us to find out more about the areas we service.

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