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Air Conditioning Maintenance Boca Raton, Pompano Beach

Just like you, your air conditioning needs regular checkups to ensure it remains healthy. Waiting until your system isn’t working to call a professional can lead to costly repairs. That’s why at Engineered Air we make sure that AC and heating maintenance scheduling is easy and affordable. We offer preventative maintenance on all makes and models to ensure your air conditioner keeps your family comfortable all year long.


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AC Heating Maintenance

What’s Included our AC Maintenance Plan

When you schedule maintenance with Engineered Air, we not only clean your AC unit to ensure optimal performance, but we thoroughly inspect it for any potential issues. A standard maintenance visit includes:

  • AC Filter cleaning
  • Overall system performance check
  • Lubricate the unit’s motor
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • And much more!

Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance

While your system may be working fine now, regular maintenance is needed to prevent any future issues. Here are just three reasons why maintenance is important for your home:

1. Save Money on Energy Bills

Your air conditioner wants to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, when you neglect to schedule maintenance for your unit, it makes the job twice as difficult. Dirty air ducts block the air that your HVAC system is trying to keep cool, which causes your unit to work twice as hard to be half as energy efficient. Wasted energy is money means a higher energy bill. Maintaining your AC unit’s health with regular maintenance not only ensures that your home is comfortable, it saves you money.

2. Extend Your Unit’s Life

It’s no surprise that regular heating and air conditioning maintenance prolongs the life of your unit, but when an Engineered Air HVAC expert maintenances your unit, they check the efficiency of the entire system too. These comprehensive checks prevent minor problems with your AC from turning into big headaches down the road, adding years to your unit’s life.

3. Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

A properly working HVAC system delivers cool, refreshing air throughout your home. However, when you neglect regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, your AC could be delivering something else to you and your family: pollutants.

To cool your home, your AC unit sucks in air from outside then filters it before sending cool air to different areas of your home. Without proper maintenance your AC unit isn’t able to filter out the harsh outdoor pollutants that you don’t want inside your home. Regular maintenance, including cleanings and filter changes, means breathing cleaner air for you and your family.

Check Out Our Maintenance Agreements

At Engineered Air, we understand that you need your home comfort system running its best. Take the hassle out of planning your system’s maintenance by signing up for a Maintenance Agreement Plan with Engineered Air.

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