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A Reliable AC Unit Helps With More Than Just Cooling The Air

A Reliable AC Unit Helps With More Than Just Cooling The Air

We all love walking into our crisp and fresh homes after a day in the South Florida humidity. The welcoming contrast between the muggy outside and the cool house is a big reason behind having an AC unit.

Your reliable AC unit does a lot more for you than just cooling the air, however.

There are other reasons why we install the AC unit in our homes; the extras we enjoy by having a reliable AC unit keeping the house at the correct temperature. You may not be aware of these hidden benefits, but when the AC breaks down, you will quickly miss them and not just the cool air.

The idea of the extras came up after an Engineered Air technician did a scheduled maintenance call with a regular client. The client was complaining about just not feeling right when at home. Our technician made a few adjustments to the settings, as his experience told him exactly what was wrong. Problem solved for the client.

A few hidden extras you will enjoy by running a reliable AC unit include:

  • Sleeping well at night
  • Being less irritable
  • Easier to exercise at home
  • Improved home security
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Fewer bugs in the home
  • Dehydration will not be a problem

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Sleeping well at night

A good night’s sleep will have a significant impact on how you function the next day. If you are too tired you won’t perform well at work, or study properly, and even driving is affected.

The air in your home should have the bedroom fresh and suitable for you to sleep well. When the AC unit is running at the correct temperature, and only when needed, it will stay that way.

A reliable AC unit will do the work so that you can sleep.

 Being less irritable

Hot, muggy, humid days make for short tempers and irritable kids. Here in South Florida you can’t escape the heat outside but indoors should be an oasis of fresh air and happy families. The reliable AC unit will take care of business.

When the AC is at the wrong setting or not working correctly, you will feel it. Tempers will flare, and arguments will start over nothing.

A few simple adjustments from the AC technician will have you all back to normal.

Easier to exercise at home

Daily exercise is important.

If the air is too hot for going outside, then you can’t do the usual exercise routines. It can be dangerous to do too much on some of our hot summer days.

When the AC unit is running correctly, you can exercise indoors.

The cold, fresh air makes moving around more comfortable, and you can do your routines without putting yourself in danger.

Improved home security

Having the air in the home at just the right setting is a lovely feeling. When the AC unit is not working properly, you will feel it. Opening the windows and the doors at the rear is sometimes the only answer.

Leaving doors and windows open is an invitation to thieves, and crime often goes up in South Florida during the hot season.

Have your AC unit running correctly and keep the windows locked.

Reduced energy bills

This is one our technicians see quite often.

The AC unit is at the wrong setting, running too often or just not working correctly. The homeowner runs the unit even more and at a lower setting to compensate. Also, refrigerators and other electrical equipment may overheat, run more and cause further problems.

The result is increased energy bills, and if you see a pattern, you may have a problem. Reduce your bills by booking a technician to service the air conditioning system.

Fewer bugs in the home

Bugs can live in the ducts, filters and the condenser unit of the AC system. We often see a lot of bug life in a unit which isn’t cared for properly. Unfortunately, the AC unit will spread the insect life into the home, causing infections and an increased risk of asthma.

A technician will clean the unit and get it running correctly, leaving you to enjoy a bug-free and fresh living space.

Dehydration will not be a problem

It is vital to keep hydrated in our hot and humid South Florida weather. Drinking plenty of water and staying indoors is key to staying healthy on those muggy days.

You may not notice If your unit is not running correctly. What you will find is that dehydration becomes a problem, especially with older people and those with certain conditions.

A reliable unit will keep the home cool and dehydration at bay.

Call us

A reliable AC unit is vital here in South Florida. Always schedule an annual maintenance call from one of our engineers. It is the only way to keep your unit running properly.

Call Engineered Air today for all your AC needs in South Florida.










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