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5 Early Signs Of Common Air Conditioning Problems

5 Early Signs Of Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning problems start small. Spotting those early signs is crucial to getting the best from your system. Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes and this is very true with the AC.

At Engineered Air we get many calls from people who’re not quite sure if all is okay with their AC machine. They hear a small noise or something similar and are wondering what to do. Our reply is to book a service call and get the problems sorted before it is too late.

Our engineers advise that spotting early signs usually result in lower repair costs. Spending less on repairs can only be good, surely? Do not ignore your AC system and presume it will work forever.

Any list of the early signs of common air conditioning problems would include:

  • Unusual noises
  • The air isn’t as cold as you expect
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Air isn’t flowing from the vents
  • Moisture leaks

Unusual noises

Your AC machine is made up of many parts.

It should run silently, with maybe nothing more than a gentle whirring from the fans and other running parts inside. When you hear clanging noises, grinding and grating from the machine, then you need to take action.

The fan belt will squeal when it starts to come off the rollers. Ball bearings grind and grate when they need oiling or replacing. Clanging usually means something is loose inside.

As soon as you hear any unusual noises, you should call an engineer. Having the belt or bearings replaced is a lot easier on your wallet than the long-term damage.

Older machines can make noise. Keep your ears open and take action before it is too late.

The air isn’t as cold as you expect

This may be one you do not notice immediately.

We had a client recently who felt the air was not running as cool as expected. She was used to it, but it was only when her sister came to visit did she take any action.

Warm instead of cold air is a sign the compressor may be failing, or maybe the Freon levels are running low.

Both problems may be a sign of the need to replace the AC machine and are not unusual in older devices. When you believe the system is running below par, you should take action. The cold air should always be cold, not just a little bit colder than what is outside.

Hot and cold spots

You know the problem: one side of the room is cool and comfortable, while the other is warm and sticky.

There may be a few reasons behind hot and cold spots but your machine not running correctly is one of them. It may just need a good clean, inside and out, or it may be the filter needs replacing.

Either way you will need a service call, and the engineer will help you eliminate hot and cold spots, while also getting the AC running correctly.

Air isn’t flowing from the vents

Does the room feel warm, even though you have the AC up to the max?

It happens a lot, in fact it is one of the most common reasons behind our callouts. Your machine may be running at full tilt, but with blocked air vents, you won’t be getting much from it.

Air vents need regular cleaning but also the air ducts get clogged and need a good cleanout. Regular servicing of the AC system will sort these problems before they become too big. The compressor may require a service also, as it is responsible for the flow of air.

Run your machine. Put your hand up to the vents.

If the air is not flowing, you may have a problem.

Moisture leaks

Take a look at the ground and the walls around your AC system. If you see pools of water gathering on the surface below, you have a bit of a problem.

A less than serious cause of leaks is the drain tube from the air condenser is blocking up with debris. This is not unusual with busy homes. The engineer can unblock the drain, and we recommend you change it out completely, as the duct may contain bacteria.

The leak may be the refrigerant, however, and this is a lot more serious. Refrigerant is toxic and the leak needs to be fixed by a qualified engineer. Our engineers are skilled in sorting the problem of refrigerant leaks and in replacing the lost fluid.

It is not an issue for a DIY repair, call an engineer immediately you spot a refrigerant leak.

Call us

At Engineered Air we see a lot of AC problems every day.

Many problems are avoidable, if you keep an eye and an ear open for them.

Call us today and get one of our engineers to take a look at your AC system.

You will save time and money by taking early action.

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