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4 Ways Humidity Is Damaging Your Home

4 Ways Humidity Is Damaging Your Home

Humidity is more than an annoyance that can make you uncomfortable. It’s a danger that can wreak havoc in your home. Humidity, which is essentially moisture contained in the air, creates health hazards and can also damage possessions and a home’s structure. If you notice that the air inside your home is overly moist or damp, humidity is the likely culprit. Here is what it may be doing to your home:

Mold and Mildew

Both mold and mildew love moisture and thrive in homes with humid air. Mildew can cause rot and create unpleasant smells. Mold, especially black mold, can be toxic or fatal. Removing excess moisture from the air is essential to controlling the growth of mold and mildew.

Aggravating Allergies

Humid air greatly diminishes indoor air quality, which is important to the health of those who have allergy problems. The spores which grow well in humid conditions usually have an adverse effect on allergy sufferers, and its effects can be even worse on young children and elders.

Floor and Wall Damage

When walls, flooring, and carpets come into constant contact with pockets of moisture due to indoor humidity, damage will eventually occur. Drywall gets soggy and starts sagging, paint starts to flake, and wallpaper peels. Any objects in contact with humidity damaged floors and walls, such as photos, clothing, or books, can also be damaged, rotted, or develop odors which are nearly impossible to remove.

Ruined Fixtures

Moisture leads to rust and fungus, which results in costly repairs and replacements. Humid air is frequently the root cause of failed fixtures and mechanical issues in pipes, HVAC systems, and major appliances.

Beat the Humidity With Engineered Air

Engineered Air offers a number of services that can help fix indoor humidity. In addition to the option of upgrading your existing HVAC system, we have electronic air cleaners, top-quality professional dehumidifiers, and air exchange systems. Give us a call and we’ll help determine which indoor air quality services will best meet your needs and remove humidity from your home.

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