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3 Ways You Can Prep Your AC For Summer

3 Ways You Can Prep Your AC For Summer

It’s an air conditioner’s biggest challenge. The one season your AC unit trains for all year long. Summer is here.

It’s going to take power. It’s going to take efficiency. And it’s going to take a little work on your end to make sure your air conditioner runs at peak performance through each sweltering month. If it falters, the consequences could be serious: Family gatherings ruined, bad hair days before you even step outside, sweat stains on your favorite outfit, and not to mention a pricey repair that could jeopardize that trip to the Bahamas you had planned.

OK, so maybe your AC breaking down in the middle of summer isn’t exactly the end of the world, but it sure is annoying. So save yourself the trouble and get your air conditioner prepared to take on the summer heat before you find yourself keeping cool in a motel down the street instead of in a luxury Bahamian resort. Here are three simple things you can do to get your AC ready.

Change your Filter

You should change your filter about once a month, but it’s especially important to do so at the beginning of summer. If your filter is clogged, your AC won’t run as efficiently, leaving you stuck with higher temperatures AND a higher energy bill.

Clean the Outdoor Equipment

The condenser unit of your air conditioner is located outside, where it is exposed to the elements. You can improve the unit’s efficiency by keeping it free of debris and maintaining a barrier of at least two feet between the condenser and all landscaping. When cleaning the inside of the unit, remove the fan grill and gently wipe the fan blades down with a cloth. You may also use a hose at a low to medium water pressure to rinse the inside and outside areas of the unit.

Have a Maintenance Checkup

There’s no better way to keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently than by having a professional technician perform preventative maintenance. During a maintenance visit, a technician will clean your filter, lubricate the unit’s motor, ensure refrigerant levels are sufficient and do an overall performance check to make sure each piece of equipment is doing its job. In addition to helping your system run more efficiently, preventative maintenance will reduce the risk of needing expensive repairs in the future!

Does your AC need some help taking on its biggest opponent of the year? The professional technicians at Engineered Air are here to provide assistance. Call to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment today!


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