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3 DIY Tips For Air Conditioner Maintenance

3 DIY Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

When it comes to your air conditioner, cleanliness helps it continue to run properly. That’s why regular maintenance is so important! But you don’t have to wait for your annual maintenance visit to clean your system. Here are three ways you can keep your AC clean year-round with a little DIY magic.

1. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Regularly changing your air filter is the most vital way of keeping your AC clean and running properly.

Our air filters work by preventing harmful outdoor allergens from entering our homes. Over time, these allergens begin to clog our AC filters, making it harder to stop pollutants from entering your home. When this happens, your indoor air quality is lowered and your AC runs less efficiently.

This is why it’s so important to change your air filter every month. It will keep your air clean and your energy bill low. If you have trouble remembering to change your air filter, try setting a reminder on your phone and buying your air filters in bulk so you have plenty ready to go.

2. Wash Off Your Condenser Unit After Storms

After big storms, your air conditioner may need a little extra attention. High winds can cause branches, leaves and other debris to fly around and fall on your outdoor condenser unit. This debris can clog your unit, preventing it from working properly.

Whenever there is a storm, be sure to visually inspect your air filter afterwards. Remove any visible debris from your system first. Then use a hose to spray away any other dirt that may have been lodged in your system during the storm. This will help keep your AC in good condition, and running smoothly.

3. Add Vinegar to Your Drain Line

Your air conditioner naturally creates condensation. This water is collected in a drain pan and sent outside of your home. However, over time your drain line can become clogged due to naturally growing bacteria. When this happens, the water begins to pool in your drain pan and can spill over causing water damage to your home.

To help prevent this, simply pour ⅛ cup of regular vinegar down your drain line every month. This helps to kill bacteria and will keep your drain line clog free.

Get The Maintenance Your AC Needs!

There is no better way of cutting down your AC bill, and keeping your AC running than with annual air conditioning maintenance! If your AC is in need of a tune up, call Engineered Air today! Our experienced team is ready to help you will all of your heating and cooling needs. Just give us a call or go online to schedule your appointment.


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