Why Winter Is the Best Time to Replace your Air Ducts

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Replace your Air Ducts

Has your air conditioner’s ductwork been giving you trouble? Are your energy bills increasing while your home’s comfort is decreasing? If yes, then it’s probably time to say goodbye to those old air ducts. And while you may think that the spring and summer months are the most opportune times to repair any air conditioning problems within the ductwork that may have plagued your system the past year, think again. As the Florida air cools down, the fall and winter months are the perfect time to replace those air ducts.

What Are the Air Ducts For?

The air ducts are an integral component of your air conditioning system. The air ducts are a system of hollow tubes that carry heated and cooled air throughout your home before releasing the air through a series of vents. The air ducts and vents alike are strategically placed throughout your home to deliver the conditioned air. As with any part of a large appliance, the ductwork will be exposed to wear and tear over the years. When this occurs, your air ducts can leak air in parts of your home causing your bills to increase and your home’s comfort to decrease.

When You Should Replace Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts are susceptible to breakdown and damage over time. And while sometimes air ducts can shape up with a little TLC, here are some telltale signs that it Is time to replace your air ducts altogether:

  • Mold – Mold is not only unsightly and smelly, but it presents a health hazard for everyone.
  • Large tears – Tears in your air ducts can sometimes be patched, but when the tears are large, air can escape through the holes and cause lots of issues for you and your home.
  • Faulty installations – If your air ducts haven’t been installed properly, then you’re fighting an uphill battle. While you may be able to do some minor repairs, the air ducts should be replaced and properly installed in order for them to work as efficiently as possible.

Replace Air Ducts Now & Benefit Later

As the winter months approach, you may not think twice about replacing those old air ducts, but think again! The winter months are the perfect time to have a trained technician from Engineered Air assess any air duct damage and replace them. Before we know it, Florida temperatures will start climbing and if your air ducts falter during the hot months, you could find yourself sweating. Don’t risk your home’s comfort! Call Engineered Air today and have a proper assessment or replacement of your home’s air ducts.