Will a Bigger HVAC System Perform Better?

Will a Bigger HVAC System Perform Better?

A new HVAC system offers you the opportunity to enjoy a new level of comfort in your South Florida home, providing that the right sized equipment is installed. HVAC systems are sized according to their heating or cooling capacity, and it’s a common misconception that choosing a larger system ensures that every room will be comfortable. When it comes to performance, however, bigger isn’t always better. Like the children’s story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” it’s important to ensure that the system size is “just right” for your home.

Bigger HVAC May Mean Uneven Temperatures

The primary issue with a too-big HVAC system is that it conditions the air so quickly that the thermostat triggers the compressor to cycle off before the entire home is heated or cooled. Temperatures then rapidly drop or rise, which signals the system to cycle on again, aggravating the problem. No matter how often you adjust the thermostat, you’re likely to experience hot or cold spots throughout your home.

Bigger HVAC May Create Unbalanced Humidity Levels

A properly sized HVAC system goes a long way towards combating the high humidity of South Florida’s subtropical climate. The continuous on-and-off operation of an oversized system, however, makes it ineffective at extracting moisture from the air. Even if the ideal temperature is achieved, you may still wind up feeling warm and sticky or cold and clammy.

Ill-Sized HVAC Could = Unmanageable Energy Expenses

Large HVAC systems aren’t just more expensive to purchase than smaller units. When the equipment is oversized, it costs more to operate the comfort system as well. The constant short cycling of a too-big system raises monthly energy bills, and the extra stress it puts on components can lead to frequent repairs and premature replacements.

HVAC Installations by Engineered Air

At Engineered Air, we understand that proper installation is the key to getting the full benefit of a new HVAC system. Whether you’re replacing an existing air conditioner, adding a heater or looking for a solution for new construction, our experience team will ensure that your HVAC system is sized right for your South Florida home. To consult with one of our comfort experts, contact Engineered Air today!