Why Your Air Handler Is Freezing Up

Why Your Air Handler Is Freezing Up

Is your air handler is freezing up when it should be freezing you? Air conditioner failure in the midst of a hot South Florida day is an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience, but one that happens to many homeowners each year because their air handlers freeze. The air handler circulates air throughout an HVAC system, and there are three primary reasons it will freeze: airflow blockage, low refrigerant charge and low operational temperatures. Read on to learn why this happens and what you can do about it.

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Airflow Blockage

Obstructed air circulation is a common reason why AHUs freeze. Rather than circulate, the cooled air continues to lower temperatures at the AHU until ice forms. Most airflow blockages occur because the evaporator coil wasn’t maintained, the air filter is at capacity or damaged or the air filters at the registers are so dirty that they’re impeding airflow. In some cases, a foreign object that’s too large to blow out has entered the system, but this is a rare occurrence.

Low Refrigerant Charge

A low refrigerant charge may be the primary reason why air handler units freeze up. When the charge is too low, the coils can operate below optimal temperatures. Eventually, ice will form, and then the situation worsens because the ice serves as an insulator that allows for even lower temperatures. A professional must often circulate room temperature air through the unit to eliminate the ice before bringing the refrigerant level up to ideal levels.

Low Operational Temperatures

Outside temperatures can play a role in AHU freezing as well. As external temperatures near 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a compressor will likely begin to form ice. Sometimes this occurs because of temperatures that are unusually low for a particular region. Even in such cases, an annual inspection can usually stave them off, and for reoccurring problems, there are options such as hybrid heat pumps.

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