Why R-22 Coolant Is So Expensive: Understanding Refrigerant Changes

Why R-22 Coolant is So Expensive: Understanding Refrigerant Changes

R-22 coolant is what creates the cold air that blows into your home. Air conditioners that used R-22 as refrigerant were banned from being produced any longer. R-22 is known to contain ozone-depleting substances which is why air conditioners no longer use them. If you have an older AC unit, however, you more than likely will need to have it recharged.

Why R-22 Coolant is So Expensive: Lack Of Supply

If you have already had your AC recharged with R-22, then you know that the cost is much more than you expected. The production of R-22 refrigerant has significantly decreased since the Montreal Protocol. With a lack of supply and the same amount of demand, prices have skyrocketed.

What Are The Alternatives to R-22?

There are alternatives that you can use instead of R-22, but usually, you will have to make changes to your current unit to make the new refrigerant work. The best option is to go ahead and replace your HVAC system in order to get the lowest energy bill possible. Old models tend to cause higher energy bills and are less environmentally friendly.

What Should You Do About Your Refrigerant?

The refrigerant is not a part of your air conditioner that should ever need to be replaced. If you do need the refrigerant changed, it likely means that you are using an older AC system. If you think you are interested in upgrading your system, contact our professionals for expert advice.

Have Engineered Air Install a New (Modern) AC Unit

An old air conditioning system can cause more problems for you than it is worth. A new system from Engineered Air will keep your house more comfortable and a number of repairs down. If you are looking to replace your HVAC system, or simply have it checked, schedule a service online today and have your air conditioner running like never before.

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