Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing in the Summer?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing in the Summer?

In the middle of summer, when the Florida sun can literally fry an egg, the last thing you expect to see is ice covering your air conditioner. If this happens to you, don’t worry; the sweltering heat is not causing you to see a mirage. It’s actually fairly common for air conditioning systems to ice up for a variety of reasons – even during the summer. In any case, though, the problem should not be ignored!

Here, we’ll cover some common reasons your AC may have turned into an icicle overnight and explain what you can do solve the issue.

Causes of an AC Freeze-Up

Restricted Airflow: In order for your AC to run properly, there must be sufficient airflow throughout the entire system. Poor airflow can cause significant problems when it comes to your evaporator coil, which absorbs heat through condensation. If your home’s ventilation is restricted or blocked, it could cause the evaporator coil’s temperature to drop below freezing. Then, when moisture builds up on the coil, it may freeze instead of draining into the drain pan.

The airflow throughout your home can be impeded by a number of things, from clogged ducts to simply a dirty air filter. While the solution may be as simple as changing your filter, most other causes will require the help of an AC professional.

Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant cycles through your AC, transitioning back and forth from liquid to vapor to cool the air in your home. If a leak in your system causes a low refrigerant level, it could cause inadequate pressure levels in your evaporator coil. This, just like restricted airflow, could cause moisture in the air to freeze on the coil instead of draining properly.

Because your AC does not consume refrigerant, a low refrigerant level is almost always indicative of a leak. This is a serious problem, so be sure to call an AC professional right away.

Mechanical Issues: Other possible reasons your AC is freezing up all fall under the umbrella of mechanical issues. If you do not have a refrigerant leak, there could be a kink in the refrigerant line, preventing it from flowing through your system. The issue could also lie in your blower fan if it is not running properly or is has come out of place. A professional HVAC technician will be able to effectively diagnose the issue.

We’re Here to Keep You Cool – But Not Frozen!

If your AC has frozen up, don’t ignore it! While the problem may be a simple fix, the consequences could be serious if your AC remains frozen for long. In addition to providing a quick fix, we also offer preventative maintenance to help you prevent issues like this from happening in the first place. Avoid costly damage from a frozen AC and call Engineered Air today!