What’s That Weird Noise Coming From My AC?

What's That Weird Noise Coming From My AC?

Noisy air conditioners can be a nuisance, but you might think that it’s just the normal part of how your system works. Never ignore a strange sound, as it usually signals a problem with your unit. These issues may be minimal and can be fixed quickly… that is, if you call in a technician like the HVAC professionals at Engineered Air in Pompano Beach, right away. Here are some of the most common issues that could be making noises in your AC.

Where Is the Strange Noise Coming From?

Where you hear the noise can make all the difference. The location of the sound will usually tell you what problem you are facing. The most common air conditioner noises come from the outdoor compressor unit, the ductwork or the air handler.

Outdoor AC Compressor Making Noises

This is the large AC unit that sits outside your house. The compressor unit is responsible for cooling your air and sending it throughout the house. Being outside, your compressor unit is prone to a variety of issues.

– Banging sounds can signal a costly repair. It is usually evidence of a loose connecting rod, crankshaft, or piston pin.

– Buzzing can mean your AC has a bad connection, loose or burned contactor.

– Clanking indicates the compressor itself may have become loose.

– Hissing is often accompanied by bubbling noises. It’s a sign that you may have a refrigerant leak.

– Humming means your motor may not be starting or it’s starting slowly. This could mean you need a new capacitor or that the compressor motor has failed.

– Screeching is a sign of a very serious problem. Turn off your system immediately and call an Engineered Air technician. Dangerous amounts of internal pressure may have built up inside your compressor.


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Noises in the Ductwork

Your ductwork carries the air all throughout your house. Unfortunately, it also carries sound. Your air ducts can amplify sounds coming from either the ducts themselves or other parts of your HVAC.

– Buzzing from your ductwork can signal that bees or wasps have gotten into your ducts. Animals often find their way in, so fluttering or scratching noises might indicate some other critter has taken up a home in your ducts.

– Rattling means you may have a bad blower or fan.

– Whistling indicates the ductwork is simply contracting as air moves through it.

– Hissing could signal a leak letting air out of ductwork.


Noisy Air Handler

You know that creepy noise coming from your attic or basement? No, it’s not a ghost, it’s probably just your air handler. When not functioning at its best, it can cause a variety of spooky noises. So before you call Ghostbusters, call an HVAC technician to see if it could be one of these problems.

– Buzzing signals electrics on your air handler are wearing out. You may be in need of a new relay switch or electrical work on the circuit breaker.

– Clanking could mean the compressor or condenser hardware may have come loose, or you just have a bad compressor.

– Hissing is another sign that you may have a refrigerant leak.

– Ticking occurs when debris might have gotten stuck in your fan blade.

Don’t Ignore the Noise, Let Engineered Air Check Your AC

Ignoring the weird noises from your AC can turn minor issues into major expenses. As soon as you hear something that does not sound normal, contact Engineered Air to help. And remember, the best way to prevent a noisy air conditioner is by having regular, annual maintenance check-ups.

So don’t wait, call today! If you have any questions about that weird noise coming from your air conditioner, speak with an experienced Engineered Air technician today! They have the experience and tools needed to keep your home comfortable all year round.