What Six More Weeks of Winter Means For Your Florida Home

What Six More Weeks of Winter Means For Your Florida Home

When the groundhog pops his head out and sees his own shadow, the legend states that there will be at least six more weeks of winter. This means that you will have an extra six weeks to get your Florida home ready for another hot summer. Here is a quick look at some steps that you can take to make sure your home is ready for the first heat wave.

Clear Debris Away From the Condenser

It might be aesthetically pleasing to have plants and flowers around your outdoor condenser, but this foliage could be damaging your air conditioner and affecting its efficiency. Before the warm weather finally kicks in, it is important to make sure that all shrubbery is at least three feet from the condenser so that organic material doesn’t get pulled in.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Ducts that are filled with dust and mold can create a number of issues for you and your family. Primarily, this material will affect your respiratory health and lead to issues such as severe seasonal allergies. Over time, it will also hinder the air that is moving through the ducts. Cleaning the ducts is a simple task that can be carried out by an HVAC technician in as little as a few hours.

Tighten Door and Window Hinges

Changes to the temperature and humidity levels can affect the seal around your doors and windows. This problem is especially prevalent in older doors and windows that are made out of wood. Tightening and lubing the hinges will help to close up the cracks and restrict unwanted airflow

Contact Engineered Air To Prepare Your Florida Home For Summer

The final step in preparing your home for the summer is to contact Engineered Air to schedule a seasonal maintenance call. Our technicians are here to help you improve the efficiency and comfort of your home with services that include air quality testing, annual service calls, new installations, emergency repairs, and much more.