What Is the Biggest Threat to My Air Conditioner?

What Is the Biggest Threat to My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning system is a machine, and like all machines, it will eventually need to be replaced. While eventually replacing your air conditioning system is inevitable (after all, our trusty ACs aren’t invincible), you can prolong the life of your system by avoiding the biggest AC “threat” of them all—forgoing routine maintenance.

What Is Routine Maintenance?

Just like your car, your HVAC systems needs maintenance from time to time. This includes changing the air filter every month, lubricating the moving components within the system, checking the refrigerant levels and much more.

Unless you’re familiar with air conditioning and heating systems, maintaining your system can be difficult. After all, your HVAC system is a complex device made up of hundreds of components. This is why many HVAC companies offer convenient maintenance services where a professional technician will come to your home annually to perform a full inspection and tuneup of your system.

Do I Really Need to Maintain My Air Conditioning System?

Put simply, yes. Regular maintenance for your air conditioning system is a must if you want to get the most out of your system. And considering your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, maintaining the system should be a priority.

Of all the challenges that your air conditioning system faces, neglecting to maintain your system poses the biggest threat. Forgoing maintenance can lead to frequent, costly repairs, poor indoor air quality and increased energy bills. Even worse, HVAC systems that aren’t maintained often last less than 10 years, where a properly maintained system can last upwards of 15 years.

What Does a Maintenance Agreement from Engineered Air Include?

While maintenance agreements vary from company to company, maintenance plans are designed to offer the same great benefits. At Engineered Air, our maintenance checkups include:

– Clean and check condensing coil
– Test operating pressures
– Test starting capabilities
– Test and adjust blower components
– Test and check safety controls
– Replace customer supplied filters
– Clean condensate drain and add algaecide treatment
– Test voltage of motors
– Test AMP draws on motors
– Lubricate necessary moving parts
– Check thermostat
– Check for proper airflow
– Measure temperature difference
– Check expansion valve and evaporator coil
– Test heat cycle
– Check refrigerant level and add up to 1 lb. of refrigerant if needed

Even better, when you sign up for Engineered Air’s Maintenance Agreement, you’ll also get access to 24/7 emergency service, priority scheduling, and much more. If your system is in need of a maintenance checkup, call the professionals at Engineered Air today.