What Is a Zoning System?

What Is a Zoning System?

Living in South Florida, investing in a quality air conditioning system is a must. But even the most energy-conscious homeowners can find conserving energy to be a real challenge. By using a thermostat that targets different rooms in your home, a zoning system can help keep your home cool and comfortable, without a dramatic increase in energy usage.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

A zoning system involves the use of a single-duct cooling system that is attached to your central air conditioning unit. The device provides access to various areas, or zones, within your home.

With a zoning system in place, you can adjust the temperature in different rooms according to your preferences. For example, you may have a spare room that is not in use. You can use your thermostat that has been designed to accommodate zones to cut the air conditioning to that room. Another effective way to use zoning would be to direct air conditioning to your bedrooms at night while you are sleeping and reduce cooling in other areas of your home. By targeting the areas where you need air conditioning the most, you can make your living space more comfortable and cut costs at the same time.

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