Why Does Water Leak From My Air Conditioner?

Why Does Water Leak From My Air Conditioner?

Does water leak from your air conditioner?  Living in South Florida, homeowners should always be aware of how well their air conditioning system is functioning. You should also be aware if your AC has issues like excessive water leaks. When water leaks from your AC it could be something simple like a drainage block or misplaced air filter. However, it could also be something worse, like improper installation or leaking ductwork.

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Clogged AC Drain

Refrigerant moves through lines between the indoor and outdoor units of your air conditioner to cause heat transfer to occur. The indoor coils provide space for the refrigerant to expand, causing it to chill dramatically. As the coils cause the indoor air to cool, the moisture in the area condenses just as you see when you leave a glass of ice water on a table on a warm day. The moisture on the coils pools and drips into a drain pan. The condensate drain line is responsible for removing the water, but if the pipe is clogged this will cause the water to leak. 

If left unchecked, this can lead to damage of your flooring or other interior structural components. The primary reason for this is an overflow from your drain pan. An HVAC technician can handle the clean up by clearing your drain lines and cleaning both lines and the drain pan.

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Improper Air Filter or HVAC Installation

When you replace your air filter each month be sure it is installed properly into your system. If the filter isn’t properly installed then it could lead to a malfunction in the system, causing leaks and other issues. The same tenet goes for the entire HVAC system. If the system is improperly installed then it can cause issues like excessive water leaks and inconsistent cooling.

Air Duct Leaks

Ductwork is important to your HVAC system. Your air ducts must be maintained just like the rest of your home. If air is leaking from your ducts then warm and cold air mix and produce water, or condensation.

Lack of Preventative AC Maintenance

An AC tune-up and preventative maintenance check will prevent clogged drains and related water leaks. Cleaning of your drain pan and lines will enable you to make it through the summer without having to worry about flooded areas in your home. Additionally, coil cleaning and refrigerant service can improve the efficiency of your system. Worn parts can be identified before they lead to problems, allowing you to know that your equipment is ready for the hot summer.

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With hectic and busy daily lives, it’s easy to forget to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning and heating system. That’s why Engineered Air offers a Preventive Maintenance Agreement Plans for your home comfort system. When you become an Engineered Air Maintenance Agreement member, you say ‘goodbye’ to the stress of remembering to make your next appointment. We will take care of it for you.

Regular maintenance keeps your system running at its best, as well as keeping your home comfortable. Listed below are some of the perks and benefits included when you join our family with a Preventive Maintenance Agreement Plan.

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The high humidity levels in South Florida make dehumidification important for maintaining optimum comfort in your home. Mold can be a serious issue as well. Not only is it important to keep your drain pan clean, but it’s a good idea to think about air quality products that will impede mold growth and spore movement in your structure. UV lamps can kill mold and bacteria on your evaporator coils. An air cleaner can trap and kill mold while purifying your home’s air.

Engineered Air can provide you with the assistance needed to evaluate your air quality and address issues. Contact us today to learn more.