Vinegar: Home Maintenance Tricks

Vinegar: Home Maintenance Tricks

Many people in recent years have begun to make the transition to safer, more eco-friendly cleaning options. Now that we know that most homes are far more polluted than our outside air, it’s important to change our habits. Instead of reaching for another a bottle of harmful cleaning product next time you’re at the store, try going down a different aisle and search…for the vinegar.

What Makes Vinegar So Great for Cleaning?

Most corporate-made cleaning products out there today can be very expensive and extremely harmful to your family’s health. In contrast, vinegar is not at all toxic to humans and is a very simple solution to many of our cleaning needs.

To put it simply, vinegar is a weak type of acid made from sugars or starches. Not only is it completely edible (many foods and drinks can be made with it), but it is very useful in cleaning our homes. Along with other simple products like citrus fruits and baking soda, vinegar can do wonders for countless items and areas of your home.

Take a look at just a few home maintenance tricks and uses of vinegar below.

Computers and Other Electronics

Clean your computer, keyboard, fax machine, printer, and computer mouse by dabbing a little vinegar on a clean cloth. Other electronics you have lying around can also be cleaned the same way. Just be sure to turn off your electronics before doing so or you could damage them while cleaning.

Bathtubs and Tiles

Combine vinegar with baking soda to clean even the toughest grime and stains in your bathtub and tiles. Rub them together on a cloth until it makes a paste and let the mixture sit on the areas you need to clean for a few minutes before rinsing with water.


Dab some vinegar on scorch stains or antiperspirant stains and rub gently to save fabrics or garments. This can also work on carpets as well!

AC Drain Line

Did you know that your AC drain line can be cleaned using vinegar? If your AC drain line is clogged or just needs a little DIY maintenance, try removing the drain line plug and slowly pour six ounces of white vinegar down the drain line. White vinegar kills any algae built up in the line, but it may take a few hours to work, especially if the clog is large.

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