The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

With the winter months coming to an end, many of us will begin tending to our spring cleaning to-dos. And while you may think you have spring cleaning down to do a science, there may be one crucial thing you’re forgetting on your list—your air conditioner! Learn how to really amp up your spring cleaning regimen with these helpful tips.

Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter can be hard, but one of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is letting go of the excess. Many of us are guilty of hanging on to items we don’t regularly use and often make excuses as to why we keep them around. But let’s face it—we could all benefit from owning less. Channel your inner minimalist and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Letting go can be hard, but you’ll be rewarded with a clean and less cluttered home (and probably a calmer mind too). If you’re not sure how to do decide what stays and what goes, consider only keeping things you’ve used in the past six months to a year and try to only hang on to items that you truly need.

Clean Every Surface

Spring cleaning calls for cleaning all of the surfaces in your home—and not just casually wiping down the counters either. Make sure to clean all of the surfaces in your home (and don’t just sweep the crumbs under the rug!). This means vacuuming, mopping and all of those other fun activities are in order too.

Have an AC Maintenance Checkup

There is one detail that some homeowners tend to forget when spring cleaning—their air conditioner. Over time, your AC collects dirt, dust and other icky allergens which can infiltrate throughout your home if your system is not regularly cleaned. While you may not notice it right away, a dirty AC can lead to poor indoor air quality, meaning your home will never be truly clean. This year, schedule a maintenance checkup for your AC and breathe easier and cleaner.

Call the Professionals at Engineered Air

Tis the season for spring cleaning and AC maintenance checkups. The technicians at Engineered Air hope to have a part in your thorough spring cleaning! We can assist with any AC needs and can help  improve your indoor air quality with a maintenance checkup. Contact us to learn more about Engineered Air and schedule an appointment today!