Why You Should Tune-Up Your Heater Before the Weather Changes

Do You Need Heat Maintenance?

Heat maintenance is probably not a topic too frequent in the lives of Floridians. However, when and if the time does come to turn on the heat, it’s good to know that it will be ready to warm you to perfection. Read on to learn more about three simple actions you can take to increase the heating benefits in your home, and see if it’s time to schedule your heat maintenance.

#1: Look at Your Bill

The first step in determining whether your heating system is operating at its potential is to take a look at your energy bill over time. Are you paying more and more money each month over the  years to heat your home, while the temperature in the house feels the same? This might be your first indicator that you need a professional to look at your furnace.

#2: Fewer Repairs

Keep your air filters fresh and schedule your heater maintenance. These actions will help fend off unexpected repairs and cold outages. Especially here in Florida where it is seldom used, dust can settle on your heating coils to create a burning smell as well as less effective heating.

#3: When It’s Time to Go

If your heating system is 10 years or older, then it’s time to start looking into a newer model. Nothing can last forever, and in the HVAC world, 10 years is nearly an eternity. You are likely to begin experiencing problems at the 10-year mark, but with regular maintenance over time, you could extend the furnace’s life. The bottom line is that you’ll need to prepare ahead and keep an eye on your unit to know when it’s time to replace before you are out of heat in the cold.

Heat Maintenance With Your Friends At Engineered Air

If you are worried about whether your HVAC system is heating and cooling your home at its optimal rate, then it’s time to call Engineered Air for some heat maintenance. In South Florida, we are a leader in HVAC servicing and maintenance. With unpredictable weather patterns in Florida, it’s essential to have a unit that can adapt to extreme heat and the occasional chill. Contact our team today to get started!