Troubleshooting Common Thermostat Issues

Thermostat Issues

Trying to troubleshoot your thermostat issues yourself? If your thermostat has been giving you unnecessary headaches, here are a few tips that might save you the time or cost of contracting an HVAC technician:

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HVAC System Suddenly Quits Working

If the HVAC suddenly stops, it is important to check whether the display is lit. The main reason for this could be the lack of power. You could try replacing the batteries and then check for a blown fuse or tripped breaker in the electrical panel. If you are sure that the thermostat is receiving power, make sure to shut off the breaker before removing the cover. At this point, examine the inner parts and check if there is dirt, soot or a buildup of dust. Use compressed air or a soft artist brush to clean any grime that could be affecting the functionality. Look also for issues like loose wiring or terminal screws that need some tightening. Consider replacing the thermostat if the wiring is corroded.

Room Temperature Never Reaches the Thermostat Setting

A buildup of dirt inside the thermostat can easily cause inconsistencies between the temperature setting and the actual room temperature. The instructions on the cleaning outlined above will be helpful before taking any further action. Poor installation or a jarring bump may throw the thermostat off-kilter leading to temperature discrepancies. If this is the problem, it can be rectified by placing a carpenter’s’ level above the device and making adjustments until it’s level again. Mechanical thermostats are affected by a frozen anticipator. Locate the arm attached to a round dial and push it in either direction until it is free. Consider moving the thermostat to a new location if these fixes are not helpful to expose it to some heat sources.

Non-Stop HVAC Operation or Short Cycling

A thermostat that is dirty or doesn’t sit level can lead to this problem. Another culprit is an improperly calibrated anticipator. You can lengthen the cycle by adjusting the anticipator level one notch at a time towards the “longer” on your dial. You may need to upgrade to a programmable thermostat if the remedy doesn’t work.

We Have More Answers to Common Thermostat Issues

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