Trivia Day: 5 Facts About Air Conditioning

Trivia Day: 5 Facts About AC

January 4th is National Trivia Day! Since your air conditioning system plays a crucial role in comfort if you live in the warm weather and high humidity of South Florida, here is some AC trivia about the evolution of the cool technology:

Trivia #1: Who Is The Mind Behind Modern Air Conditioning?

Willis Carrier’s initial exploration of methods for controlling humidity resulted in his discovery of integral principles for today’s air conditioning solutions. Ironically, Carrier struggled with certain math concepts as a child and required hands-on examples to grasp fractions. His mother’s ingenuity served as a foundation for his problem-solving mindset.

Trivia #2: How Did Air Conditioning Influence Hollywood?

Summer blockbuster movies may be a familiar concept. However, the timing for these releases grew out of the access to cool air in movie theaters as early as 1917. Few individuals had air conditioning at home, but the movies provided both comfort and entertainment.

Trivia #3. How Have Environmental Concerns Changed AC?

Greenhouse gases have been a concern on a national scale for many decades, and Freon is among the hydrofluorocarbons considered to be a danger to the environment. This was the primary refrigerant used in air conditioning applications. However, the Montreal Protocol is an international agreement that has been used to phase Freon out of use in participating nations. By 2030, all HCFCs are expected to be phased out of use. New air conditioning equipment is currently designed to use alternative refrigerants such as Puron.

Trivia #4. Why Is Heat Needed to Cool Your Home?

Refrigerant is used to remove heat from the air in your home, which causes the air to become cooler. Pressure changes are used to manipulate the temperature of the refrigerant. When it is pressurized at the condenser unit, heat from the outside air causes the material to boil. As the material is transported into the indoor evaporator unit, the pressure is reduced, which causes a dramatic drop in temperature. This facilitates the desired cooling activity.

5. Florida’s Energy Demands for Air Conditioning

Florida leads the nation in the use of electricity, primarily because of the need for air conditioning during the summer months. While the average U.S. home dedicates 6 percent of its energy budget to air conditioning, the average Florida home spends more than 25 percent of its energy budget on this same need.

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