Top 3 Ventilation Options to Save You Money

Top 3 Ventilation Options to Save You Money

Proper ventilation is key to your home’s comfort. Not only does good ventilation help to improve your home’s indoor air quality, but it is also vital to saving energy! When your home is ventilated, your AC system doesn’t work as hard to cool your home. This means less energy wasted, and more cooling for your home. Here are three ventilation options that will save you money while improving your home’s comfort.

1. Whole-Home Ventilation

If you’re looking for fresher air as well as savings, then whole-home ventilation is the way to go. Not only will it help airflow in your home, but whole-home ventilation is great for fighting mold and moisture. These can damage your home, causing thousands of dollars in repair costs. There are four basic types of whole-home ventilation systems that you can choose from:

– Exhaust ventilation systems

– Supply ventilation systems

– Balanced ventilation systems

– Energy recovery ventilation systems

Each of these systems has its benefits. Speak with an Engineered Air professional technician to find out which one is right for your home.

2. Spot Ventilation

Some parts of our home may need a little more ventilation than others. Areas in your home like the bathroom or the kitchen have excess moisture and pollutants that need to be removed from your home. This is where spot ventilation comes it. These localized exhaust fans remove the air from just a certain room or area. You save electricity by only turning them on when needed.

3. Ceiling Fans

When it comes to naturally ventilating your home, nothing works better than adding a ceiling fan. They help by increasing and promoting air circulation in the home. Moving air not only helps to keep your air fresh, but it can also lower your cooling costs. When the air is moved around our skin, we feel cooler. This lessens the need for air conditioners, lowering our energy consumption.

Ceiling fans can also keep us warm in the winter. Reversing the blades pulls up the cold air that has settled in the bottom of the room and pushes down the hot air at the top. This keeps air circulating and helps us stay warm.

Find the Right Ventilation Option for Your Home

Isn’t it time you cut back on energy cost? Contact Engineered Air today and find out how ventilation can benefit your home. Our experienced technicians will help you find the ventilation system that saves you money. Call today or go online and schedule your free estimate!