Top 3 Things To Do In South Florida for Leap Day 2016

Top 3 Things To Do In South Florida for Leap Day 2016

Are you a South Floridian preparing for one of the rare events of 2016 — Leap Day? On the Gregorian calendar, a leap day is one that occurs in February in years that are divisible by 4. An extra day is added onto the end of February, making Feb. 29 the day to make memories in 2016. Read on to learn our top three fun things to do in South Florida on your special Leap Day!

Jump in the Gulf Waters

They’ll be warmer than those East Coast waters for sure. Find your favorite beach on the Gulf, run to the water’s edge with your toes deep in the soft sand, make a wish and then jump into the water with joy. There’s something wild and carefree about a Leap Day.

Visit Naples

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in South Florida — a Gulf-coast city with pristine beaches, golf courses and a gorgeous and inviting downtown. Take a day trip to explore this beautiful South Florida spot.

Book the Keys

Go as south as you can in the state by booking a trip to the Florida Keys. You’ll find towering palms, a cool and relaxed vibe and history at your fingertips. Key West, for example, boasts the home of famed author Ernest Hemingway. You can still take a tour to see his residence there.

Don’t Let a Stalled HVAC System Ruin Your Leap Day 2016

The professional team at Engineered Air has been helping the good people of South Florida find the perfect temperature in their homes for years. We’re a heating and cooling system that you can count on — and that’s why you should call us today for your consultation. We inspect and repair HVAC systems quickly and efficiently — so you can get on with your holiday. Contact us today!