Three Tips for Improving Your Family’s Comfort

EAR - Three Tips for Improving Your Family's Comfort

When you have a family, the air conditioning system in your home doesn’t just accommodate your needs, but theirs as well. While everyone in your family will likely have their preferences and individual needs, these are some air conditioning tips that will make it easier to keep everyone in your family comfortable.

Check Individual Room Temperatures

Everyone is different. While one person may find their room too warm, another may find their room too cold. Sometimes it’s matter of preference, but in some cases it may be because the temperature in both rooms is different. In a situation like this, the vent leading into the warmer room may have some build up that needs to be cleaned or it could be encountering another issue that is obstructing airflow. To solve this problem, contact an HVAC professional to inspect the air ducts in your home. This will help improve everyone’s comfort within your home.

Reconfigure Furniture Arrangements

The location of furniture in relation to the location of air vents in your home is important to consider. For example, a person whose bed is directly under an air vent may find that they wake up because they’re too coldl each time the air is left on overnight. While air should cool or warm a room, it shouldn’t blow directly on the person inside. If this is in an issue in your home, consider rearranging the furniture or contact an HVAC professional.

Efficient Ventilation = Quality Indoor Air

When it comes to your family’s comfort, the quality of the air inside your home is very important. Because we tend to spend the majority of our time inside, it’s important to make sure harmful air is properly ventilated from your home. Sources of harmful air include dirt tracked in from outside, chemicals sprayed when cleaning, secondhand cigarette smoke and more. These are things that need to be ventilated out of your house in exchange for clean air. If the dirty air remains inside then it’ll worsen and your family will breathe it in and eventually get sick. In addition, if you’ve never cleaned your AC, any dust, bacteria and allergen build-up that has developed will be blown into your house. All of that poor air quality inside your home can cause you and your family to develop health problems.

Contact the Professionals at Engineered Air

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