Thermostat Myths: 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Thermostat Myths: 3 Things You're Doing Wrong

Lots of homeowners think they know how to use their thermostats correctly, when in reality, many succumb to the many thermostat myths out there. Not only can these myths make your home uncomfortable, but they can cost you money too! Below are three of the most common thermostat myths and how you can avoid them:

Myth #1: Turning the Thermostat Higher Will Heat Your Home Faster

One of the biggest thermostat myths believe people is true is that turning the thermostat up when it’s cold out will help warm your home faster. While this may seem logical, the reality is, the purpose of your thermostat is to control the temperature for you. When you set your thermostat to your preferred temperature, the device works to keep your home set to this degree. If the temperature drops outside and you do set your thermostat higher, you’ll probably find that your home is too hot. Worse, your energy bills are likely to go up too.

Myth #2: Leaving the Heat on Low Rather Than Turning it Off Will Save Money

This myth is just plain untrue, yet many believe that setting their thermostat on a lower temperature rather than turning it off will save them money. The truth is you can drastically cut down on your energy bills when you turn off your thermostat when no one is home. Leaving your thermostat on, regardless of setting it at a lower temperature, will still use unnecessary energy and drive up your energy bills. If you’re looking to save energy while you’re gone for an extended period of time, your best bet is to turn off your thermostat. Ultimately, while lowering your thermostat can reduce your energy bills over time, you won’t garner the same saving as you would by turning your system off.

Myth #3: Keeping Your Thermostat on the Same Temperature Will Lower Your Energy Bills

Many people believe that the temperature that their thermostat is set to has little influence on their energy bills, but this couldn’t be more false! In fact, studies show that for every degree your thermostat is lowered by can save you as much as 5 percent on your heating bill!

There are lots of thermostat myths out there but you don’t have to fall victim to the nonsense. By keeping these thermostat facts in mind, you can drastically save money on your energy bills. At Engineered Air, we want your home to be comfortable year round without high energy bills emptying your wallet, which is why we provide quality, energy-efficient products. To learn more about Engineered Air, contact us today, and be sure to read more energy-saving tips here.