The Complete Guide To AC Drain Line Cleaning

The Complete Guide To AC Drain Line Cleaning

When cleaning inside a home, many often dust, vacuum, and mop, but most likely forget something very important to home comfort: the drain line of the air conditioning system. Although it may not seem like a problem, an air conditioner’s drain line can harbor algae and other bacteria, which comes from the condensation the air conditioner produces. The algae can cause the drain to become blocked and then your air conditioner will not function properly. If the water cannot escape from the drain, it could also cause damage to the home.

How Often An AC Drain Line Should Be Cleaned

It’s best to clean your AC drain line and entire air conditioning system maintained regularly to avoid clogs that would prevent your air conditioner from working properly. The best way to tell whether or not your air conditioner’s drain line is clogged is by looking to see if water is dripping from it. If water is not dripping from the drain line, that means that it is probably clogged and needs to be cleaned.

How To Know If A Clogged AC Drain Is Your Problem

All central HVAC systems should have a switch that will immediately turn off the unit when water fills the drain line and begins to leak. The switch should prevent water from overflowing and damaging floors or other parts of the home. Until that water is removed, the system will not function.

How To Clean And Unclog The AC Drain Line Yourself

One of the most efficient ways to unclog the algae that will build up in your air conditioner’s drain line is by using white vinegar. All you have to do is remove the drain line’s plug and slowly pour about six ounces of white vinegar down it. The vinegar will kill the algae, but it may take a few hours to work, especially if the clog is large.

Another way to clean and unclog the drain line is by using your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use one that wet and dry capable, and also has good suction power. All you have to do is stick it in the drain pipe from the bottom and suck out any bacteria that may be clogging the pipe. A shop vac is a

Prevent AC Drain Line Clogs With Engineered Air

It’s Engineered Air’s mission to provide our customers with a great indoor air quality, and you can’t get that with a dirty drain line. If you need help keeping your air conditioner’s drain line clean, contact us and we can discuss options like our Maintenance Agreements.