The Benefits of Going Ductless

The Benefits of Going Ductless

No, we’re not talking window units or space heaters.

Going ductless with your heating and cooling needs can be much more elegant. Whether your home lacks the ductwork to install a central air conditioning system, or you need a little something extra to keep part of your home comfortable, going ductless is an effective, inexpensive and attractive solution. Learn more about the many benefits of ductless heating and cooling options.

1. Energy Savings

Ductless systems distribute warm and cool air more efficiently and evenly than electric heaters and other supplemental heating and cooling options. They also use less power to keep your home comfortable than a central AC system does. A single indoor unit can heat and cool large living spaces, making them especially effective in homes with open floor plans. Whether used in conjunction with central AC or alone, ductless systems can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

2. Quiet Operation

Some homeowners may worry that a ductless air conditioner will be loud and distracting. Fear not! Today’s advanced technology allows ductless AC’s to run even more quietly than central air conditioning systems.

3. Easy, Affordable Installation

One of the main problems with installing a central air conditioning system or adding central AC to an addition is the cost of installing the ductwork. By choosing to go ductless, you can avoid the hassle and the expense.

4. Complete Temperature Control

With central air conditioning units, the temperature you set on the thermostat is what your entire house will feel like. However, by installing multiple ductless air conditioners in different areas of your home, you can adjust temperatures independently to best suit the needs of each part of your home. No more fighting over the thermostat setting!

5. A Seamless Fit in Your Home

Ductless AC units are built compactly and are designed to fit in small spaces without appearing bulky or unattractive. With various sizes and shapes, you’re sure to find a unit that fits into your space perfectly.

Ready to Go Ductless? Call Engineered to Have a Ductless AC System Installed

Whether you’ve just expanded your home and want to cut costs by avoiding duct installation, you’re looking to supplement your central AC unit, or you want to go all the way with a completely ductless heating and cooling system, Engineered Air has you covered. We offer a variety of air conditioners and heat pumps that will efficiently heat and cool your home — duct free!

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