How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Air Conditioner

How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioning systems, bigger doesn’t always mean better. At the end of the day, a 4,500 square foot home has different temperature needs than a two-bedroom starter home. Unfortunately, sometimes an air conditioning system that is too big is installed in the home. This can result in a variety of unpleasant side effects, so it’s important to know what to look out for. Here are three signs your home’s air conditioner is oversized.

1. Your air conditioning system short cycles

Do you notice that your air conditioning system seems to shut off and on all of the time? If your system only kicks on for a couple of minutes only to kick on again shortly after, your system is short cycling. Every air conditioning system runs on the refrigerant cycle, which works to remove heat from your home while creating cool air. But if this process is disrupted, it can cause your system to short cycle.

Short cycling can be caused by different factors, but one of them is an AC that is too big.

2. Your home has inconsistent temperatures throughout

One of the telltale signs that an air conditioning system is too large is a home’s temperature. If there are temperature inconsistencies throughout a home, it’s likely that the system is going through the cooling cycle too quickly for the air to reach certain parts of the home.

3. The BTU output is significantly higher than it should be

Alright, we’re going to get a little technical here. But a surefire way to tell if your AC is too big for your home is to determine how many BTUs are required to cool your home. You configure this number by multiplying the square footage of your home by 25 BTUs.

Let’s say your home is 2,000 square feet. Simply multiply 2,000 by 25 BTUs, which means the minimum BTU output for your home is 50,000. If your home’s current AC system has a much higher BTU count than required, it is too big.

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Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, so it’s imperative that it is the right system for your home’s size and layout as well as your comfort needs and budget goals. If you believe your air conditioning system is too big for your home, call the team at Engineered Air. Our trained technicians will analyze your current system and provide you with accurate information as well as how to move forward. Your home’s comfort is our top priority, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today by phone or our website.