10 Storage Tricks for Small Spaces

10 Storage Tricks for Small Spaces

Living in a small space can make it seem near impossible to store all your stuff neatly while still providing enough room for you to feel comfortable and welcome in your own home. And if you’ve downsized recently, this can feel even more daunting. No need to stress!

Whether you’re in a one bedroom apartment or a small house, there are easy steps you can take to store all of your necessities with extra room leftover. With these simple storage tricks for small spaces, you’ll feel like you won a real-life version of Tetris®.

1. Door Hangers: Perfect for Small Space Storage

There are countless varieties of door hangers that can store everything from shoes, clothes, towels, craft supplies and more. Some are simpler, giving you the option to hang just a couple items on a metal hook, while others are made complete with shelves perfect for storing all sorts of small items. Door hangers are great for the backs of bathroom doors, bedroom doors and even closet doorswhich allow you to keep them out of sight for most guests!

2. Utilize Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Even some of the smallest bathrooms often have empty, unused space above the toilet. Take advantage of this space by bringing in shelving units that are meant to be installed in this exact spot. This is also the perfect option for those who don’t have anywhere else to store bathroom supplies, like soaps, towels and cleaning products.

And if your wall mirror above the sink isn’t one that opens up to a secret cabinet, try replacing it with one that does! These often have small shelves that are just the right size to store everything from toothpaste to makeup.

3. The Classic Move: Ottoman Storage

One of the best ways to store blankets, towels or other items in your living room or bedroom is by utilizing storage ottomans. Not only can they hide away plenty of stuff that may not fit anywhere else, but they are also super stylish! Use ottomans for extra seating options or for a footrest next to your couch in the living room.

4. Closet Doors … Who Needs Them Anyway?

While it may be difficult to live without bathroom or bedroom doorsafter all, they do provide decent privacyit’s fairly easy to swap out closet doors for fabric curtains. Take a look at this example of a fabric replacement for a living room closet door. With a traditional wooden door, you’d have to make the doorway full of open (wasted) space. However with a curtain closure, the living room space is streamlined and used more efficiently.

5. Have a Murphy Bed? Use the Mirror Trick!

This tip does less to help you actually store items, but is extremely beneficial if you are trying to make your small apartment feel much larger than it is. If you have a murphy bed, try using the mirror trick: a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the bottom of the murphy bed. This brings out the natural light in the room and provides a unique purpose to the bottom side of the bed.

6. Wall-to-Wall Bookshelves

Not nearly as whimsical as the library in Beauty and the Beast, but using up an entire wall for bookshelves provides a fun yet sophisticated look for your small space. It’s also one of the best ways to store nearly every small item you have, from books and knick-knacks to movies, games, candles, pictures and more. And if you paint them the same color as your walls, it’ll look like they were there before you moved in!

7. No Shelves in the Shower? No Problem!

Use shower caddies to store your bottles of shampoo and body wash products if you don’t have any shelves in the shower. There are a wide array of caddy options out there, from ones that hang from your showerhead to ones that run from floor to ceiling. They also offer a more modern look than the standard (and slippery) soap bar holder we all grew up with.

8. Don’t Leave Room for Monsters Under Your Bed

Utilize your small storage space by investing in a few under-bed boxes. Many of them can double as decorative boxes to match your decor if you don’t have a traditional bed skirt. You can also bring some into your living room and store extra items under your couch as well.

9. Organize the Junk Drawer

It’s okay, we all have that one drawer full of junk we can’t seem to put anywhere else. Instead of constantly scrambling around through it to find the one thing you need, use drawer inserts to organize related items together. Measure out the size of your drawer and search at your local houseware store or online to find ones that would work best for you. Then tackle the stuff you have and see how simple it is to stay organized.

10. When in Doubt, Pinterest Is There

Whether you are already addicted to a few favorite boards or only pin when you need some inspiration, Pinterest has thousands of ideas for you to search through. Try using keywords that relate to the specific area of concern in your home to tailor your search to your needs. Here are a few Pinterest storage ideas to get you started.

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