Spring Prep for Your Air Conditioner

Spring Prep for Your Air Conditioner

Spring prep for your air conditioner already? Household cooling accounts for approximately 27 percent of energy used in Florida homes during the year, but the demands in South Florida can be even higher during a hot summer. Your air conditioner should be in top operating condition as spring approaches to ensure that you can rely on efficient and affordable cooling activity. Following are some important steps to take as you get your system ready.

Outdoor Cleanup

Before you turn your air conditioner on in the spring, you want to be certain that your outside equipment is clear of winter debris. Remove trash, leaves, and any other stray items that may be in the area of your condenser unit. You can also lightly spray the unit to remove dust and interior debris.

Be Filter-Ready

Your air filter supports efficient system activity, which means that you should install a clean filter at the beginning of the cooling season. It is wise to check your filter each month, replacing it if there is a significant level of dirt entrapped in it. Keep a few extras on hand so that you are ready to make a change promptly.

Program Your Thermostat

You can enhance the performance of your air conditioner as you save money by making good use of your programmable thermostat. ENERGY STAR® recommends a daily setpoint of 78 degrees, which is used for morning wakeup times and for evening activities in your home. Increasing this setting by 7 degrees during the day and by 4 degrees at night allows for moderate temperature control when household activities ebb. You can adjust these numbers a bit to accommodate your comfort needs, but consistency is the key to conserving energy.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

The normal operation of your air conditioner can lead to a loss of efficiency of 5 percent or more. Professional cleaning and inspection of your system components makes it possible to counteract this loss. You should have your system serviced prior to your anticipated use of the equipment. Our maintenance agreements can save you time and money during your hectic and busy life. 

Spring Prep For Your Air Conditioner Is Easy With Engineered Air

The Engineered Air team is available to help with any of your air conditioning needs, including professional maintenance in the pre-season. Contact our office to learn about the value of our maintenance agreement plans.