Should I Invest in a Maintenance Agreement Plan?

Should I Invest in a Maintenance Agreement Plan?

If you’ve ever driven a car that wasn’t properly maintained, you know the anxiety of wondering if something will go wrong while you’re behind the wheel. At home, a neglected air conditioning system can give you that same sense of uncertainty, particularly when the weather in South Florida is trending hot and humid. Investing in a maintenance agreement plan offers you the assurance of knowing your AC will be there for you when you most need it.

Quality Care for Your AC System

Regularly scheduled maintenance visits performed twice each year is usually all it takes to keep AC and heating systems operating at peak performance. Each service call includes a thorough inspection and tune-up for all of the system’s components, from the filter, coils and refrigerant levels to the electrical connections and air delivery system.

Maintenance Agreement Plan Savings

Enrolling in a maintenance plan is one of the most cost-effective ways to lower your monthly energy bills. Well-maintained comfort systems run at optimal energy efficiency, so they’ll save you money month after month. Because any potential problems can often be resolved before they lead to costly repairs, you’ll enjoy savings down the road too.

Special Perks and Services

At Engineered Air, we’re pleased to offer valuable extras to our customers who sign up for a maintenance agreement plan. You’ll enjoy the convenience of regular visits without having to remember to schedule your next maintenance call. You’ll also receive priority scheduling whenever you need service, even if you need an emergency repair outside of our regular business hours.

The Advantages of AC Maintenance from Engineered Air

It’s hard to overstate the benefits you’ll enjoy with an AC maintenance plan from Engineered Air. While all the money and time you’ll save makes signing up a worthwhile investment, the peace of mind you’ll gain is truly invaluable. To learn more about the advantages of regular maintenance or to schedule service, call Engineered Air or contact us online today!