Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist for South Florida

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist for South Florida

Are you a homeowner here in sunny South Florida? Whether you live in Delray Beach, Boca Raton or Boynton Beach, chances are you know how different the seasons can feel here in the Sunshine State compared to those further north. But do you know what maintenance tasks you should be doing year-round and which ones are better for specific seasons? Learn why having a seasonal home maintenance checklist is so important and follow our guide below to keep your home maintained all year long!

The Value of a Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Even if you aren’t normally the to-do list type, having a checklist for maintaining your home is helpful in a variety of ways. Not only will it help you uphold (or improve) your home’s property value in today’s real estate market, a checklist can make sure you are doing your best to prevent repairs and address problems as they show up. It can also ensure you aren’t forgetting anything, especially the ones that only need to be done once a year.

Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Steps 

The following list of monthly and seasonal home maintenance steps should be done every one to three months, or once every season.

1. Air Filters

Change your AC’s air filters regularly to help ensure your home is cycling fresh air and keeping dust particles and other pollutants out of your indoor air. Seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system can be easily overlooked among all of the other areas of your home. Even if you have a busy schedule, there are Maintenance Agreements available that can help you stay on top of it. 

2. Drain Cleaning

Water backup in your sink, dishwasher and storm water pipes all can lead to flooding in your home. So remember to get your pipes flushed and checked to make sure there aren’t any problems. You will also want to clean your sink drains to get rid of any lingering odors and keep an eye on what you are throwing in your garbage disposal. Ideally, this should be done once a month, but at a minimum should be done seasonally.

3. Test Smoke Alarms

This one is so important: the testing of smoke alarms could be the difference between life and death. Every smoke alarm should have a “test” button. Take a look at your own and hit the button. If the alarm goes off, you’re in luck! If it doesn’t go off, you should replace the batteries right away and test again to ensure the alarm is working properly. Consult a professional if you continue to have issues.

Spring Home Maintenance

There are a few important maintenance tasks you should do for your home every spring season. First, check up on your air conditioner’s outdoor equipment. Check for any winter debris, and remove trash or leaves that may have landed on or near your condenser unit. As your plants begin to grow back or bloom this season, be sure to keep trimming them well away from your outdoor AC unit.

Spring is also the perfect season in Florida to have a pre-summer maintenance appointment with your local AC technician. We may love the heat and sunshine when we’re out at the beach, but humidity and hot air is no fun inside your home due to a broken AC system. Prepare yourself for each summer by having preventative spring maintenance done each year (or have a new AC installed before the wait times worsen during peak times!).

Other tasks for your spring home maintenance checklist include: examining roof shingles; checking and cleaning gutters; filling in concrete cracks with filler or caulk; and checking outside faucets and hoses.

Summer Home Maintenance

In addition to the monthly or quarterly home maintenance tasks, there are a few tasks that should be done every summer. This includes inspecting any decks, stairs or other wooden structures for rotting wood or other damage (can’t forget about those little termites!). And if you have a deck by a seawall or boat dock, be sure to have a professional help you maintain it each summer before the hurricane season comes and makes the small damages even worse. If you haven’t done so in a year or two, be sure to weatherproof these wooden surfaces to provide further protection.

You may also want to try planting a few trees and other landscaping around your home to keep it cool and to keep your air conditioner from over-extending its powers. Because plants retain water, they create a natural cooling effect — and that will rub off on your house!

Fall Home Maintenance

Before the holidays sneak up on you, it’s important to do a little fall home maintenance. Ensure your appliances are ready for winter and won’t be putting a damper on your special holiday moments by taking the following steps. First, clean your garbage disposal with either an intensive cleaning or a DIY all-natural cleaner, such as baking soda, vinegar or citrus pieces.

Next, schedule your annual service appointments for your kitchen’s appliances, such as the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. And finally, since your AC system has worked so hard in the South Florida heat during summer, you should schedule another maintenance checkup with an HVAC company you can trust.

Winter Home Maintenance

Although the winters in South Florida are both short-lived and not near as harsh as those up north, there are a few home maintenance tasks to do during the winter season. Start by checking your home’s exterior walls and windows to see if you need to re-seal any areas. This will keep your home warm on those few cold days that come by during winter (and will limit how much cool air sneaks out of your home during summer).

You should also check your appliance cords and electronics to make sure they are all in good condition and without any frayed parts. And if you plan on opening up any windows this season, you should first take a look at your window screens to make sure there aren’t any large holes for insects to crawl through.

Engineered Air Can Help With Seasonal Home Maintenance

Our expert HVAC specialists at Engineered Air have been providing homeowners with exceptional service and maintenance of their HVAC systems since 2003. We service a variety of areas across South Florida, including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wilton Manors, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach–among plenty of others! We want to make sure the small problems are fixed before they become big ones. Contact us today so we can get started with making your home the best it can be! From AC maintenance for every season to repairs and installations, we have you covered.