Schedule a Post-Summer Maintenance Checkup

Schedule a Post-Summer Maintenance Checkup

As Floridians, we’re no strangers to the intense heat and humidity the summer brings. But when the temperatures sky rocket, our air conditioning systems get a pretty big workout compared to the rest of the year. Considering we tend to use of ACs the most during the summer months, scheduling a maintenance checkup post summer is a good idea that can hugely benefit your air conditioning system. Learn more about HVAC maintenance below.

What’s HVAC Maintenance Anyway?

During a standard maintenance visit, a trained technician from Engineered Air will clean your entire air conditioning system to ensure optimal performance, as well as inspect it for any potential issues. A standard maintenance visit will also include the following:

– AC Filter Cleaning

– Overall System Performance Check

– Motor Lubrication

– Refrigerant Level Check

What are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

For good measure, you schedule at least two maintenance checkups each year, but especially after a long summer of high temperatures and humidity where your air conditioning system has been working in overdrive.

Energy Savings: When your air conditioning system has regular maintenance, it can function as efficiently as possible, which means it will use less energy to provide cooling power. The result? Less money you’ll have to shove out for your electricity bills.

Extended Lifespan of Your HVAC System: The average air conditioning system can last between 10 to 15 years, but only if it’s properly maintained. After all, you can’t expect your car to function for years to come if you never change the oil or rotate the tires. The same can be said for your AC. Without routine maintenance, your system will have to work harder to function, which can seriously decrease its lifespan.

Improved IAQ: When your air conditioning system isn’t maintained, it won’t be able to effectively filter the air, which means nasty indoor air pollutants can infiltrate your home and cause a variety of health problems. An efficient air conditioning system will improve the quality of the air you breathe and make your home a healthier place.

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup Today

If your air conditioning system is in need of maintenance, turn to the experienced team at Engineered Air. Our trained technicians will perform a complete maintenance checkup and ensure your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. Still have questions? Give us a call today or schedule your maintenance checkup online.