Save Energy With a Programmable Thermostat This Summer

Save Energy With a Programmable Thermostat This Summer

During the summer, the average energy bill in Florida ranges from $200 to $230 a month. Typically, cooling costs make up about half of the bill. That’s more than $100 every month spent on keeping your home comfortable!

While dishing out dollars to combat the summer’s sweltering heat may seem worth it, wouldn’t you rather cut down on your energy bill and stay cool at the same time? A programmable thermostat can help you do just that. Learn how having a programmable thermostat installed in your home can help you save money this summer, and all year long, here:

Programmable AC Temperature Settings

OK, so summer nights in Florida might still be pretty hot, but things certainly start cooling off a bit when the sun starts going down. A programmable thermostat lets you take advantage of that while also accounting for your family’s daily schedule.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set different temperatures for different times of the day. If you work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and no one else is going to be in the house at that time, the air doesn’t need to be as cool. If you program the thermostat to kick things up a notch 15 minutes before you usually arrive home, you’ll still walk into a relieving environment.

Oppositely, if you know you’re always home between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. — generally the hottest time period of a summer day — you’ll want to make sure your AC is programmed to really crank between those hours. Then, when the sun starts descending, you can allow the temperature to rise a few degrees to reduce energy use.

Control the Temperature Setting Remotely

Many programmable thermostats have Wi-Fi capability that allows you to adjust temperature settings through your computer or smartphone. That means you don’t even have to be at home to cut down on energy use!

Desktop and mobile apps that come with your programmable thermostat will allow you to adjust the temperature and change setting schedules from work, the grocery store, your child’s school pickup line and even while you’re on vacation.

Start Saving With a Programmable Thermostat Today!

At Engineered Air, we offer an array of top quality programmable thermostats that give you greater control of your home’s climate. From basic to more advanced models, we’ll help you find the right thermostat for your family, install it with expert care and make sure you feel confident using it before the end of our visit.

Browse our online inventory to learn more about the products we offer or give us a call today to get your programmable thermostat in place before the summer heat hits!