How Safe Is Your Air Conditioner During a Hurricane?

How Safe Is Your Air Conditioner During a Hurricane?

Hurricane season is officially here which means it’s time to stock up on emergency supplies and hurricane-proof your windows—but have you ever considered that your air conditioning system might need some protection too? Overtime, the outside unit of your AC system can take a beating from weather, but if your home is hit by a tropical storm or hurricane, your AC could be severely damaged. Here are some easy ways you can hurricane-proof your AC:

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm?

When it comes to your air conditioning system, we can’t stress preventative maintenance enough. This is why we recommend periodic maintenance checkups and regular filter changes. Similarly, there are preventative measures you can take if your home is in danger of an approaching storm or hurricane.

Secure the condenser unit: Simple, but very important! Before a storm approaches, make sure that the AC unit is secured to the concrete slab or wherever the unit is located. The unit should be secured with the appropriate number of hurricane-approved, metal tie-downs. Not sure how to do this yourself? Give the professionals at Engineered Air a call today and we’ll quickly address the issue!

Remove debris and loose objects: Regularly removing debris from the area surrounding the AC unit should be common practice, but take this a step further before a big storm—this means removing not only debris near the AC unit, but all loose objects, including chairs and outdoor furniture, potted plants, bicycles and toys, and any other object that could become airborne and hit the AC unit.

What to do With Your Air Conditioner During a Hurricane or Tropical Storm?

As a tropical storm or hurricane approaches, shut off the air conditioning unit completely and cover the outdoor AC unit with a tarp or other protective covering.  Make sure you also turn the power off of the thermostat and the circuit breaker. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid electrical power surges and electrical shock damaging the system if flooding occurs.

Checking Your AC Unit After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Always make sure the conditions outside are safe before checking your air conditioning system. Once the conditions are safe, you can uncover the system and check for damage. Remove any debris that may have accumulated around the system during the storm. Once everything is clear, you can restore power to your air conditioning system as well as the thermostat and the circuit breaker.

As the 2014 hurricane season approaches, remember to keep safe and plan in advance! That way, if a storm does hit, you and your loved ones will be prepared. If a storm does damage your air conditioning system, take comfort in knowing that the trained technicians at Engineered Air are here to assess and correct any issue right away. For more information on how we can tend to any of your HVAC needs, call us today at (855) 830-2292 or schedule service online.