Should I Repair or Replace My Condenser Unit

Should I Repair or Replace My Condenser Unit

Homeowners are always looking to save money, however, they also want to do what’s best for their home. So when your condenser unit starts acting up you may be wondering if it’s really worth fixing. At Engineered Air, we’re always trying to give you the most value for your money. That’s why we’re here to help homeowners make the decision on whether to repair or replace.

What Is the Condenser Unit?

The condenser unit is the heart of your air conditioner. It is the large metal box that sits on the concrete slab outside of your home. Its job is to suck in air, cool it using refrigerant, then send that air throughout the house. Because it does so much, many problems could arise, ranging from small maintenance issues to entire system shut downs. When faced with a problem with the condenser unit, homeowners need to determine if it is really worth fixing.

Repair Condenser Unit if…

  • It’s a newer system. If your condenser unit is fairly new, then you will most likely want to repair it. It is also worth checking your warranty, as the repair may be covered.
  • It’s the first time it has broken down. If you haven’t had any other problems with your unit before, then this it is likely worth repairing. Bad things happen to good units, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a new one just yet.
  • You plan on moving soon. If you’re moving soon, then it might not be worth it to buy a whole new unit. However, a new system can improve the value of your home.  

Replace Condenser Unit if…

  • It’s more than 10 years old. Most condenser units are only made to last 10 years. If yours is any older, it may be time to move on.
  • It has a SEER rating of 12 or less. Condenser units with ratings this low just aren’t efficient anymore. The EPA has actually banned all units with a rating of 12 or lower.
  • It has needed multiple repairs. If your condenser unit is breaking down every other week, then it may be time to move on. If you’ve spent more than half the price of a new unit repairing the old one, then it may be time for a new system.

Contact Engineered Air for Condenser Unit Repairs or Replacements

When making any large purchases for your home, you want to feel confident in your decision. With Engineered Air, you can! Our skilled technicians will help you decide which condenser unit is right for your home. Call Engineered Air today and get on your way to total home comfort!