Are You Ready for Allergy Season?

Spring means a wealth of blooming plants and flowers in the greater South Florida and Ft. Lauderdale area. Unfortunately, spring also signals the beginning of allergy season. For individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, nothing is more important than breathing clean, healthy air that isn’t full of pollen, dander and other irritants. While it’s important to evaluate outdoor air quality before heading outside during allergy season, it’s equally important to pay attention to how the air quality inside your home affects your health.

What is Indoor Air Quality Anyway?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) ratings provide a way for homeowners to understand whether or not they are breathing healthy air while inside. Whether a home suffers from poor IAQ is determined by measuring the volume of different pollutants in the air. At Engineered Air, we provide comprehensive indoor air quality services designed to allow you to breathe easy in your home. As a local contractor, we are familiar with seasonal allergy triggers and can work with you to eliminate them from your home.

How Are IAQ and Seasonal Allergies Related?

If your home suffers from poor IAQ, you may notice that your allergies are even more frustrating than usual. This is because outside pollutants such as pollen and dander can make their way into your home. If you’re already suffering from allergies, other pollutants found inside your home can further aggravate respiratory symptoms, causing you to cough or sneeze repeatedly.

Handling IAQ Concerns

Many homeowners are concerned about IAQ in their spaces but are unsure of the steps that they should take to identify and handle their concerns. First and foremost, you should schedule an air quality testing appointment. A highly trained technician will measure pollutant levels in your home. After determining whether your home suffers from IAQ problems, your technician will walk you through your air quality improvement options and help you pick those that make sense given your needs.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Learning that your home suffers from poor IAQ can be very upsetting. However, there are many things that you can do to improve IAQ in your space. Taking simple steps like choosing houseplants that help clean the air can have a big impact on IAQ. Of course, removing any pollutants that you can will also help. You may also want to consider IAQ improvement options that work with your current heating and cooling system, such as:

  • Air purifiers and air cleaners are designed to remove pollutants from the air by using special filters and UVA lights.
  • Ventilation systems designed to encourage the robust flow of air throughout your home.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control moisture levels in your home.

Contact South Florida AC Specialists at Engineered Air 

At Engineered Air, we know that homeowners throughout the greater Pompano Beach, FL, area are eager to enjoy the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers that come with spring. If you love the season but are battling allergies and want to know more about what you can do to breathe easy at home, call us to talk about our IAQ services today.