Quick AC Tips Before Calling an HVAC Professional

Quick AC Tips Before Calling an HVAC Professional

A few quick AC tips, tricks and know-how can save you time and money when you need it the most. Here are a few of the most common issues that can be fixed before calling an HVAC professional.

AC Keeps Turning On and off

This could be a clogged AC drain, or condensate, line issue. If not maintained, the drain line or drain pipe can become clogged with dirt, mold or other organic growth, causing the safety sensor to turn off the AC system so that it does not overflow the line and flood the surrounding areas. Our complete guide to AC drain line cleaning can help guide you through the steps to get it back in order.

Thermostat Not Working

A non-working thermostat in your home or office is usually the road to frustration for many trying to find quick comfort. First, be sure that the switch is set to the correct mode: on, or auto. Second, make sure the batteries in the thermostat are not dead and still efficiently powering your device. Lastly, be sure that your thermostat is not located near any sources of direct light or wind, like a lamp, computer or direct line of a fan, which will alter the performance of it. Troubleshooting common thermostat issues before calling an HVAC professional can help save you in the long run.

AC System Will Not Turn On

Be sure to check your electrical breaker, which could have somehow tripped, turning off the system. Many sources of electrical devices connected to the same power source can cause this to happen. But a quick check and flip of the breaker switch will save the call to the heating and cooling professionals.

Noisy Air Vents

Obstructions to your air handler, heat pump, air filters or ductwork can cause a louder than usual air conditioning cycle. Be sure to change your air filter each month and look outside to see if there are any debris blocking your outdoor unit. A quick clean and your noisy AC should keep quiet and save that call to your local AC technician.

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We love to hear from you, but hate to see you waste your important time and hard-earned money if your AC issue can be fixed with some quick AC tips from the professionals! Contact us anytime if we did not answer your AC question or your HVAC issue is more serious than those listed.