Why You Should Have a Professional Handle Your Freon

Why You Should Have a Professional Handle Your Freon

In the midst of the warm season, you like to rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool. While you rely on your AC, your air conditioning system relies on freon to help cool your home. However, when the freon is low, you may think you can simply add some more for an easy fix, but think again! Before you make any decisions, it’s important to have an understanding of what freon really is. Here are some things you should take into consideration before you mess with the freon in your AC:

What is Freon?

Used with an air conditioning system, freon is a stable, nonflammable, moderately toxic gas or liquid that functions as a refrigerant. Freon is what cools the air released into your home. Freon may also be used for the AC inside your car, which is probably why you’ve heard the word before!

You Can’t Buy Freon Without Certification

Without certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, you cannot legally purchase freon in the United States. You may find it being sold online, but you’ll have to provide the retailer proof of your certification and send a letter of intent. Because purchasing freon requires certification, it’s important that you contact a local professional if your air conditioning is having freon issues.

No Freon Equals a Bigger Problem

It’s important to note that freon doesn’t simply run out. Some people believe that freon is a liquid that just needs to be poured in and topped off, but it continuously recycles. If your air conditioning lacks freon, it’s likely because there’s a leak. This is something a professional will need to fix and it is best if you leave it up to them.

Your air conditioning system may be low on freon or leaking freon if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms:

  • House takes too long to cool down
  • Air ducts are only blowing hot air
  • Accumulation of water on the floor near the AC
  • High electric bills

If you are seeing these “symptoms” you’ll want to contact a technician as soon as possible because overexposure to freon may cause many negative physical symptoms to people, such as dizziness, loss of concentration, central nervous system depression, cardiac arrhythmia and in more severe cases, death.

Hire a Professional

The technicians at Engineered Air are EPA certified and can properly diagnose any issue with your air conditioning system. If there is a freon problem they will be able to fix the leak and replace the lost freon. AC systems are also checked for freon leaks during scheduled maintenance, which is also offered by Engineered Air. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Not all AC projects are safe to do yourself; call in the professionals at Engineered Air today!