Is a Professional Contractor Required for AC Replacement?

Do you really need to hire a professional contractor for your AC replacement? Air conditioning replacement may seem like an inconvenient expense, and you may wonder about the prospects of making the change without an expert. It is important to consider the potential impact of a DIY effort before you make this risky decision. There are safety concerns as well as warranty issues that could affect your outcome.

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Air Conditioning Replacement: What Could Go Wrong?

Your new split system air conditioner will involve the installation of both indoor and outdoor units. Handling this on your own involves precise placement of indoor components, including electrical connections, refrigerant lines, and a drainage system. Your outside equipment also involves connecting electrical and refrigerant lines. The potential for electrical shock is one significant concern if you attempt to handle the work alone. Improper refrigerant handling is another issue. Although modern equipment is designed for use of more environmentally friendly refrigerants, a leak is still a concern. An HVAC technician is trained in handling both electrical and refrigerant issues safely, and a reputable contractor carries insurance to protect that worker in case of a problem. If you have a packaged unit mounted on your rooftop, the added concern of installing a heavy piece of equipment at a high altitude is significant. A slip could result in your injury or damage to your equipment, a good reason to rely on a contractor to do the work.

What are Building Requirements for AC Installations?

It is also important to be sure that new equipment meets local building standards and codes as it is installed. When you select and install your own equipment, you run the risk of making uninformed decisions about system sizing, an issue that could be costly over time. A system that is oversized may run too efficiently, resulting in inadequate dehumidification of your Florida home. Such a system may also result in quick cooling of some areas of your home without sufficient temperature moderation in other sections. An undersized system may operate excessively, resulting in high bills and a short system life. When you choose to work with the comfort specialists at Engineered Air, sizing concerns are eliminated. We start all new installation projects with a load calculation that ensures the right type of equipment is selected based on factors such as your home’s square footage, its envelope, and your activity patterns.

Air Conditioner Warranty Protection

Manufacturer warranties for air conditioners typically hinge on professional installation and service. If you place your own air conditioning equipment, you can lose all protections that typically guarantee a system for several years. Defects due to manufacturing issues may be present, but amateur installation will result in the nullification of any remedies. When equipment is installed by a contractor who has submitted to state and local licensing laws, warranty protection typically allows for the service and replacement of defective equipment. Additionally, defects in workmanship are also typically covered. In some cases, warranty extensions are offered when a factory authorized dealer completes the installation.

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